The Dispatch Advantage: Empowering Technicians for Optimal Efficiency in Field Service

Providing exceptional customer experience majorly depends on how your field service technician interacts with the clients on the job site. Many field service jobs are also remotely monitored, and hence the onus again falls on the worker to satisfy customers beyond expectations.

With such a huge responsibility on workers, it requires good dispatching practices, relevant training, and support from the back office to ensure work gets done. In this article, we will help you understand how to optimize a field service technician’s efficiency and improve customer experience by focusing on dispatching operations.

How does field service management software automate dispatch functions?

Implementing field service management software is a useful tool to automate scheduling and dispatching operations. This software helps digitize many manual and repetitive tasks so that your team can focus on customer experience.

Here are the top five features of how it does this for field service scheduling workflows:

  1. Real-time visibility on operations: via a dashboard, it is possible to monitor complete scheduling and dispatching progress and make quick decisions to improve outcomes.
  2. Intelligent scheduling: a feature of Zuper, it comes with drag and drop calendar to instantly schedule the right field service technician for the right job.
  3. Automate manual tasks: it is possible to automate retrieving job information from clients and share the same with assigned field service technicians without the team’s involvement.
  4. Data accessibility: one can analyze customer and field service movement data to provide better customer service or optimize routes.
  5. Mobile access: Zuper provides a mobile app that makes it easy for conveying any schedule changes, share job information, or allow customers to reschedule instantly.

How to improve field service technician efficiency with automated dispatch operations?

Dispatch automation using field service management software primarily saves time and human resources in the scheduling and dispatching operations. But it also helps increase field service technicians’ productivity as follows:

Dynamic routing to save travel time and fuel costs

Zuper, a field service management software, includes the feature to optimize a field service technician’s route to the job site. It will intelligently find the shortest possible route based on traffic, weather, estimated time, etc. This helps field service technicians save time so that they can cover more jobs on the same route.

Automatic escalation of issues or priority jobs

Many jobs may be on a priority level due to the amount or urgency of the nature of tasks at hand. A field service management app helps automatically prioritize such jobs so that your worker can complete them accordingly. Any unresolved job or follow-up with the customer is easily escalated to the back office team for resolution or assignment.

Remote performance monitoring for reward or disciplining

A field service business involves remote job sites, and hence, many have to budget surprise visits or inspections for quality control. Using field service management software, it is possible to remotely monitor a worker’s location, breaks, attendance, or other performance metrics defined. This helps in deciding final payments, especially if they are based on per hour or per day.

The software helps provide proof for any indisciplined behavior on the job site. It is also possible to collect customer feedback and reward or discuss the work completed.

Managing leaves and workplace culture

Being a remote job means it is possible your field service technicians may find it difficult to coordinate with the back-office team for their personal administrative work. Using a field service management mobile app, it is possible for them to remotely apply for their holidays or raise any grievances. The back-office team can remotely update, resolve issues or approve leaves without any physical meeting.

Instant notifications and real-time updates

Many times customers may want to reschedule their field service technician visits due to emergencies or changes in plans. In such cases, it is important to instantly notify the worker so that they can re-route to the next job accordingly. A field service management software allows instant notification the moment the rescheduled request is placed or approved. It is also possible to share real-time updates about the job progress with the supervisor or images for remote inspection.

Experience headache-free workforce management with field service management software

By automating scheduling and dispatch workflows, you reduce many phone calls or emails with your remote workforce. This allows them to focus on delivering the job well and hence improves your customer experience.

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