The Efficiency Equation – 5 Ways Your Office Affects Your Productivity

Productivity equals profit, which is why many business owners and managers are continually looking for ways to keep their team as productive as possible. However, to do that, they often need to find out what’s affecting output in the office in the first place. 

While several things can contribute to productivity loss, you may wish to focus on some of the following areas first. 

Improving Air Quality  

The air quality in your workplace may not seem like it’s important, but it can be. Studies have found that air pollution such as carbon emissions, dust, and even forest fires may impact productivity levels in an office. 

Investing in air filters, plants, and even an electric aroma diffuser for air freshening might be how you combat that problem and ensure your team is comfortable enough to be at the peak of productivity. 

Correcting the Temperature

Just as you would struggle to perform at your best at home when it’s too hot or cold, you may also be unlikely to work at your best if your office isn’t the most appropriate temperature. 

Studies have shown that employees make more mistakes when they’re cold and perform better when they feel warm. While it’s hard to find one temperature that makes everyone feel comfortable, you may be able to reach a happy medium with your team by having some sit closer to heating and cooling sources than others. 

If you don’t currently have controllable HVAC systems, now might be the right time to invest in them since this step can improve your team’s productivity levels. 

Controlling Noise

Some people thrive in noisy environments, with the radio blaring, people talking, and traffic noise. However, others require complete silence to reach their full productivity potential. For these silence-loving workers, a quiet environment can even have a positive impact on health. As a business owner or manager, try your best to cater to both types of people. 

Provide open plan workstations, but set aside a few private offices that people can use when working on time-sensitive projects. You may even like to recommend noise-canceling headphones to some employees who are struggling to remain on-task with background noise. 

Solving Clutter Problems

A survey conducted in 2017 revealed that the average American spends two and a half days every year looking for things they’ve lost. If you’re paying them to look for items they’ve misplaced at work, that’s several hours that they’re not performing tasks for your business. 

You may not be able to prevent your team from losing their important possessions, but you can limit how frequently it happens. Provide them with suitable filing solutions, including software that allows them to organize files digitally. This will reduce the need for printed documents that are easy to lose. 

Investing in better processes for your workplace may also be how you set a precedent for all employees to keep their desks as clean and tidy as possible. 

Prioritizing Ergonomics

When your team is required to sit at their desks for several hours a day, it can take a toll on their bodies. Many people experience aches and pains affecting their backs, joints, wrists, and hands. 

Pain can stop people from performing at their best, so find out what your team needs to be comfortable. You may need to invest in workstation checks and purchase ergonomic chairs, palm rests, standing desks, and other ergonomic equipment. 

There’s endless value in a productive team, and there are things you can do to inspire this state in your workplace. Improve air quality, prioritize ergonomics and noise control, and ensure your team is comfortable – your bottom line is sure to benefit. 

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