The Evolution of Cricket Betting: From Bookies to Online Platforms

Today cricket is a very popular sport with a multi-million fan base. It is an intriguing team game that brings together sports enthusiasts from all over the world. And as you know, where there are fans, there are bookmakers. Everyone who has ever made a sports bet knows how much more interesting the process of watching a match becomes after this simple action! So today I would like to talk about how cricket betting has changed since its inception. Let’s get started! 

The very beginning

Sports betting is the most prevalent type of gambling. People have been betting from the beginning of time. Spectators in Ancient Greece bet on the outcome of the Olympic Games, whereas in Ancient Rome they wagered on the victory of gladiators and charioteers. There were no bookmakers then: spectators bet directly among themselves. In 1790 in Great Britain William Ogden opened the first office and began to accept bets on horse races, and 30 years later such organizations have already appeared in France, Germany, the USA, and other countries. That’s when cricket betting became popular, although it was outlawed as well as other types of betting until the twentieth century. 

Growth and development

A huge leap in the expansion of the gambling business occurred in 1923 when Liverpool’s Littlewoods began accepting bets by mail order. Although this method was slow and not always reliable it became insanely popular in India, where cricket is enjoyed by millions! So far betting cricket IPL is extremely popular in this country. Thus it was impossible to bet on individual innings and other events within the current match, but the era of online betting was not long in coming. 

The key year for betting was 1961 when bookmaker activity was officially legalized in Great Britain on the first of May. By the end of that year, over ten thousand betting shops had opened in this country alone. Betting began to rapidly gain popularity around the world. Bookmakers began to accept bets on competitions in almost all types of sports, as well as on non-sports events. 

Contemporary realities

The first online bet was made in 1996. It was accepted by Intertops, which received a license for online betting from Antigua and Barbuda, a small Caribbean island country. In 1994 this country, being an offshore zone, received the right to issue such licenses from the WTO. Later on, other betting companies preferred to base themselves offshore because of tax benefits. Already by 2001, the volume of the online sports betting market exceeded two billion dollars, and the number of players reached eight million. In 2002 bettors were able to make live bets for the first time. 

Nowadays online cricket batting is now second only to soccer in terms of the number of players this is a consequence of technological progress in the industry. The ability to place bets quickly and remotely has exploded the world of cricket. Since the game used to involve matches lasting up to several days, players could place quick bets on the results of players or periods, making it much more exciting to watch. Modern bookmakers offer a wide range of betting options for:

  • Team Proposition Bets
  • Cricket Player Proposition Bets
  • Cricket In-Play Proposition Bets


In conclusion, the evolution of cricket betting is a reflection of the overall evolution of sports betting and technology. From humble beginnings with underground offices to high-tech online platforms, the industry has come a long way in offering more accessible, secure, and diverse ways to participate in betting. Modern online platforms have provided cricket fans with opportunities to dive deeper into the game, opening up new horizons for real-time betting. Like cricket itself, the world of betting on the sport continues to evolve, adapting to new technologies and changing audience preferences, making it an important and interesting part of the sports industry.


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