The Four Big Reasons Why Product Packaging Makes a Difference

Article about product packaging - person opening a box

Running a business means competing against a sea of like-minded businesses. It means finding a way to stand out amongst the competition. Well, what if you could do so with nothing more than some ingenuity and a corrugated box?

Having properly created, dynamic shipping boxes can have a huge impact on your business. Far more than you may have otherwise realized. There are a multitude of reasons why your business should be making the switch to customized corrugated packaging. Here are some of the biggest reasons.

  1. Protection

The biggest reason to have proper product packaging is for the safety of the products that you are shipping. When you use boxes that are improperly sized or don’t offer enough protection, goods can get damaged in process. 

That eventually means having to issue a refund to the buyer, which cuts into your bottom line. Avoid those issues by packaging up your product using a box that has reinforced lining and all the protection that your product requires to stay safe in transit.

When boxes are properly sized, there is less room for them to move about. Less room to move means less of a chance that they will get banged around in transit, resulting in potential damage to the product. Protect your business and cut down on damage returns when you use the proper shipping box. Products in rigid boxes are ideal if you want them to withstand being transported. 

  1. Saves Money

Another major reason why you should be going with customized boxes instead of the standard corrugated box is because it could actually save money in the long run. Think about how you ship now. There’s a pretty good chance that the boxes you use are not the proper size.

When a box is improperly sized, there is potential for the product to be damaged. By going with a proper box, you ensure that the fit is snug and should keep your product safe in transit. This will cut down on returns and, ultimately, lost funds that should have otherwise been avoided.

  1. Establish Brand

Brand name is one of the most important aspects of running a business these days. But getting your target audience to remember that brand name is just part of the process. With the right packaging, it is about ingraining those core values into the heads of the customer base.

When your business can build brand recognition, it means building trust and a repertoire with your target audience. More importantly, it gives instant recognition to your business, making customers more likely to choose you in the future. Even the biggest brands out there struggle with the recognition they’d like. Make sure that your business gets the brand recognition it needs.

  1. Cut Down on Waste

When you ship products in boxes that don’t fit properly, it means using far more cardboard than you would have otherwise. It also means having to fill those boxes with other materials to prevent moving and damage.

What this all equates to is more waste than you would have otherwise had with fitted boxes. The right size box can wind up resulting in major savings for the business over the short to long term while also doing your part to limit waste turning up in dumps and landfills.

We as a society are trying to do more to improve our carbon footprint. Cutting down on shipping material and cardboard waste is a great place to start doing your part. That environmental responsibility is also something that you can point to as a source of pride on your website, gaining points with that community.

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