The Future of Health Insurance: Personalised Plans and Preventive Care

The landscape of Health Insurance is rapidly transforming. This can be attributed to shifting healthcare needs and technological advancements. Read on to learn about the future trends that are driving this change. Also, get to know how personalised plans and preventive care are evolving to offer the best Health Insurance policies, making the healthcare system more effective than ever.

Personalised Health Insurance 

Personalised medicine is another trend that is shaping the future of Health Insurance. Specialises in offering precise and effective treatment options, it involves the development of treatment plans that look into an individual’s unique characteristics such as lifestyle, age, health status, genetic makeup and personal requirements.

Nowadays, personalised Health Insurance covers critical illnesses, maternity, medications, and OPD expenses, amongst others. Also, Health Insurance plans with no room rent capping are getting popular since it has inflated by 3-4% in the last couple of years. Notably, personalised health coverage allows individuals to enjoy more freedom and flexibility. In addition, the customisation of health coverage plans will help in increasing insurance penetration in India.  

Preventive Care in Health Insurance 

Preventive care is one of the key future trends that is not just driving innovation, but also streamlining Health Insurance processes to provide the best Health Insurance policies. 

These days, insurers are focusing on preventive care that includes measures like regular check-ups, vaccinations and screenings so that policyholders can learn about health issues early and avoid costly treatment. Preventive care not just promotes overall health, but also aids in reducing related costs. 

Further, the best Health Insurance plans encourage policyholders to adopt healthy habits by offering incentives for their participation in wellness programmes. Nowadays, many insurance services providers offer gym memberships, nutrition counselling and smoking cessation support. 

Digital Transformation in Health Insurance

Combining telehealth services with virtual care can help patients receive medical consultation and treatment remotely. This eliminates the need for in-person visits, enhances convenience, reduces costs, and improves access to healthcare specialists.

Mobile-ready solutions offer the much-needed service support to policyholders who can easily make policy payments, submit claims, and get online consultation using them. They also deliver prescription information in real time. Additionally, note that interoperable digital health records that are maintained on natural language processing-enabled data exchange frameworks, accelerate clinical decisions, enhance clinical documentation and improve comprehensive patient care.

Next up is remote patient monitoring (RPM) that can bridge infrastructural gaps. Extremely helpful in chronic disease management, RPM can reduce the frequency of hospital visits. Apart from this, connected devices and/or wearables have made monitoring general health a hassle-free task. These devices not only track activity levels, but also provide valuable data for individuals and insurers. 

Blockchain has made an immense contribution to reducing fraudulent activities. With the advent of blockchain technology, data security has increased and administrative tasks have been streamlined. Also, blockchain solutions are available for fulfilling tasks that include data sharing, policy renewal, prompt responses to customers, claims processing, and identity verification.

Other than this, reputable insurers are making use of cloud-based solutions and artificial intelligence-powered tools to future-proof themselves. Alongside tracing fraudulent claims, insurers can learn about high-risk patients using data analytics. 

Final Thought

Innovation is vital for development. And, the scope of innovation is tremendous in Health Insurance. Adopting customised approaches, implementing value-based care models, promoting preventive care and using AI-enabled tools can not only improve healthcare services, but also enhance sustainability and affordability. These changes can lead to the creation of a future where everyone has access to quality healthcare. 

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