The health benefits of botanical extracts: everything you need to know

As a society, we are becoming increasingly more conscious with our wellbeing, putting more care into what we consume and how we keep our bodies fit. It comes as no surprise then that businesses offering various health-related products, such as botanical extracts by NutraSmallPacks, are growing in demand too. So, what are botanical extracts, what are their benefits and how to go about buying these kinds of supplements? Here are some helpful tips. 

What are botanical extracts?

As the name implies, botanical extracts are essentially the most beneficial parts of a plant that were extracted through soaking it in a liquid. This extraction can remain in a form of liquid or be turned into tablets, capsules or powders. Botanical extracts have been used for medicinal and therapeutic purposes throughout history, believed to have many healing properties. When sold as a product for consumption, they are classed as dietary supplements and must meet country-specific industrial regulatory requirements. 

The health benefits

Our nature is home to a huge range of botanicals that are known for various health benefits, including the vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other great properties many of them have. Botanical extracts are there to provide you with the best parts of nature, therefore, the different health benefits vary greatly. For example, chamomile and peppermint are often consumed to help with digestion, valerian is known to be beneficial to those experiencing problems with sleep, while green tea is a natural source of caffeine and provides stimulant effects. 

The great part about consuming these supplements is how natural they are. If bought by a legit and licensed supplier, they should only include natural ingredients, avoiding the use of harmful chemicals and additives. Of course, every individual experiences the effects of botanical extracts differently and so, if you are experiencing issues that may need professional treatment, it is recommended to consult your doctor first. 

Choosing the right supplement for you

There is no one way to pick the best supplement for you, as it is highly based on why you want to start consuming them. If you think botanical extracts can help you with a certain issue (for which you do not wish to take other drugs or treatment), you will have to research which plants have natural properties helping those particular problems. For instance, women who experience menopausal symptoms, such as hot flushes and night sweats, have previously reported black cohosh extracts to be helpful. 

On the other hand, consuming dietary supplements does not always have to be related to specific health issues – you may simply want to be healthier and use natural and organic ingredients to top up on some vitamins and minerals. Many of these extracts can be consumed regularly to strengthen your immune system, nurture your skin and help you feel more energised without needing to worry about the various side effects that artificial drugs can cause (as long as you stick with consumption recommendations).

Things to look for in an e-shop

Botanical extracts can now be easily bought online, in an e-commerce shop, along with many other health and wellness related products. However, it is important that you purchase those from a reliable supplier to avoid fake or poor quality produce. The most important things to look out for are generally the relevant certificates a business of that kind should be able to present (e.g. FDA approvals, laboratory test results and fair trade certifications). 

Additionally, make sure to look up the reviews, to find out whether previous customers were happy with the products and the customer support of the business. The website should show a good amount of transparency, able to answer any questions or concerns you may have about their products. They should also offer a decent range of different supplements, giving you enough choice to find something suitable for you. 

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