JavaScript Development Team: The Heart of JavaScript Development Company

JavaScript development team plays a very important role in the success of JavaScript Development Company.

A strong team of developers will give an edge to your development company compared to others.

Most of the clients check the proficiency of the development team before handing over the project to the company.

If the team is skilled and efficient in JavaScript, they can develop creative yet functional web pages and apps.

The team comprises of JavaScript web developers. They are responsible for using JavaScript frameworks to develop web pages as well as mobile apps.

They mostly work on the front-end of the app. However, there are some developers in the team who takes care of back-end and server-side app logic.

Knowledge and Skills JavaScript Development Team Need to Possess:

No matter how big or small your JavaScript development company is, you need to have a strong team of developers to complete the project on time as per the client’s request. Here are the knowledge and skills the JavaScript development team need to possess.

  • Front-End Framework:

The developers in the team need to know the front-end framework. They need to know all the popular JavaScript frameworks to develop the front-end side of the app. Some of the popular frameworks are Angualr.js, Reach.js and Vue.js. These frameworks are used for front-end development. The user interface of the app and web pages is developed using these frameworks.

  • Control Flow:

This is another important thing the team of developers needs to know. Control flow refers to the flow in which the orders in the code will be executed. The developers need to know how to use control flow for the smooth functioning of the app. It will help them to write error-free code.

  • Asynchronous Code:

It is parallel programming. It helps to execute multiple actions at the same time. In Synchronous programming, only one action takes place at a time. JavaScript developers need to know how to use this code and when to use it in app development.

  • Error Handling:

Every developer faces coding problems. Errors are common while writing a code. However, the team of developers needs to know how to spot the error and rectify it. It is one of the most important quality they need to possess.

  • Security:

Online breach and cyber-attacks are very common these days. So in order to avoid security issues with the app and web page, developers need to know how to keep the app secure. They need to use security models to keep the software secure.

  • Basic Design:

The team should know about basic designs. They need to have at least some knowledge about UI and UX. Earlier it was not a part of the development team. However, nowadays, the development team needs to take care of the designs.

  • HTML/ CSS Frameworks:

The team also needs to know HTML as well as CSS frameworks. It is a part of front-end development.

  • Node and Express:

They also need to know about Node and Express frameworks. It is a part of back-end development.

These are the basic knowledge and Skills the JavaScript Development Team need to posses. It will help them too, but quality and functional web pages and apps.

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