The History of Indian Currencies

The History of Indian Currencies is rooted in the Indus Valley Civilization and evolved from Mugals to British India and modernized in Independent India. From the ancient time, the features of coinage monetary standards in India from Ancient time is Tri-metalism, Bi-metallism, Silver standard, Gold Exchange standard and fiat money.

All these remarks Indian ancient currencies historical importance with political and economical source of research.

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Types of Indian Currencies

Indian currencies have a great evolution period and from the harappan civilization to the current coins forms in India, the Indian coins are divided into many types as given below:

  1. Ancient antique coins
  2. Ancient gold coins
  3. Ancient silver coins
  4. Medieval dynasties coins
  5. Slave dynasties coins
  6. Mughal Coins
  7. East India Coins
  8. British India Coins
  9. Republic India Coins

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Tips of selling historical Indian currencies

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How to recognise a fake coin dealer?

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1. Can we sell our old coins?

Ans. Yes! Antique old coins and notes are selling all over the world. And if they have some historical importance then you can also get better price than their face values.

2. How to know the price of our coins?

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Selling and buying old coins are a good and smart investment and many are earning money if their coins are antique and rare. But, always deal with a genuine old coin buyer available.