The Importance of Having a Reliable Immigration Consultant

Moving abroad has become very normal in today’s world as people want to change their career path, pursue new opportunities, study and some people move for other personal reasons, such as wanting to live together with their future spouse or partner. 

In recent years, a large percent of the population consists of people who have chosen to move to Canada from another country, making it the eighth largest immigrant population in the world. This gives the country a unique diversity that has a lot to offer to those who want to move abroad and start a new life.

Whether you are moving to Canada or to another country with your family, or on your own, you might need help along the way. An immigration consultant can ensure that you receive professional support when moving to a different country.

In the text below we offer some insight as to why it is important to find a reliable immigration consultant to keep you afloat through the gloomy waters of immigration today.

Analyzing and Assessing Your Profile

The very first thing an expert immigration consultant will do is to get to know you properly, your CV, skills, competencies. They will also make a thorough assessment of your needs, interests, and plans for the future. This will save you time and effort and allow them to guide you in the right direction in choosing the best option for you and the best place to live in. 

Furthermore, a consultant will help you prepare for the visa interview which is one of the crucial points when preparing for a move abroad.  

Assisting You Throughout the Process

You can trust an immigration consultant because they can make the process more understandable. As a potential client, you and your accompanying family members are always given a detailed overview of the entire immigration process, the expected timeline, writ of mandamus, and any other obstacles.

A consultant will help to identify and obtain the necessary documents, fill in the correct forms, submit a complete application and meet tight deadlines. Once the application has been submitted, a consultant acts as an agent and follows up on the ongoing case with government agencies.

They also help with mandatory registrations in the host country when a visa and residence permit application has been granted. They also accompany the customer and accompanying family to the various authorities to ensure that all formalities are completed.

Upholding and Guaranteeing Your Privacy

Any questions and problems that relate to your family, spouse, the status of employment, medical history are very personal and demand privacy. Not always do we feel comfortable discussing these issues with our close family members and friends, let alone with a stranger.

The immigration consultant is well-aware that your privacy is important and it is their duty to keep it confidential. Therefore, they strive to protect your personal information in the best possible way.

Keeping You Informed About New Changes and Requirements

The immigration process and the requirements for immigration and work permits are often complex, confusing, and constantly changing. An immigration consultant stays up to date and proactive to be as efficient as possible.

Immigration consultants provide information about the latest rules and requirements for residence and/or work permits. They collect, review, and supplement the documentation required for speedy and smooth handling of the process, and support in contact with various authorities.

An immigration consultant has a wide network of contacts and continuously collaborates with various specialists, authorities, and other partners and must therefore always stay informed about the latest changes.

Saving You Time and Money

Understandably, all the services that the immigration consultant offers come with a price, but chances are great that if you start this procedure alone, you might get misled and make some mistakes along the way that ultimately cost you more money and cause additional budget readjustments.

Not only that, any possible self-made error or lapse on your application can postpone the procedure for several months. When undergoing such an immigration process, time is of the essence. To avoid repeating certain steps and being charged again, an immigration consultant and their extensive experience will save you both valuable time and money.  

Helping You with Legal Terminology and A Possible Appeal

The legal procedures to immigration can be somewhat of a struggle for ordinary people to understand. The benefit of having an immigration consultant is they have extensive knowledge in the legal field and can assist you in the process and explain unknown terms and policies along the way.

An advantage is that they can represent you at a hearing at a tribunal, help you write an application, such as a citizenship or sponsorship application, study, or a work permit.  

If you have submitted your visa application but get an official refusal, an immigration consultant can assist you in the process of appeal and ensure that your case is properly managed and handled. A consultant lifts the burden off your shoulders when it comes to the visa application process as you get their complete support from the beginning to the very end.

Post-Immigration Assistance

Once the process is completed and you finally move to your new country of residence, you might still find it necessary to be assisted for certain technical reasons. It is normal for the new culture and living environment to be confusing and new and you might have certain questions that require concrete answers.  

Most immigration consultants will stay true to their commitment and offer their support services for such matters, providing you with a feeling of security and easiness in the new country.

Final Thoughts

For various reasons, people have always chosen to leave their countries of origin to seek a better future elsewhere. It is a positive driving force that should be promoted.

Not only is it a major life decision, but it also entails hard work and loads of paperwork. Fortunately, there are immigration consultants who can assist you in the application process and offer you peace of mind. You do not need an immigration consultant to legally immigrate, but hiring one will make the process easier, as they will provide step-by-step instructions and provide all the answers for you. 

In the article above, we mentioned some of the reasons why hiring a consultant will facilitate things for you and why it increases the likelihood that your application will be successfully approved.

Working with a consultant is your safest way to fulfill your dream of moving to the country you have set your sights on.

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