The Importance of Industrial Fasteners in Construction and Their Rising Demand

Industrial fasteners are used when joining different items or their parts together. This is done through soldering, welding, and clamping using clips, screws, washers, nuts, and bolts.

In 2016, the market for industrial fasteners was valued at about $84 billion and is expected to grow to more than $116 billion by the end of 2022. 

This shows that there is a significant demand for industrial fasteners across the globe. The demand is driven by industries such as construction, aerospace, and automotive.

The automotive and construction industries in particular are growing rapidly in developed and developing countries.

This growth has highlighted the importance of industrial fasteners. Even though the construction industry is dominated by powerful and heavy machinery such as thick wood and large pieces of steel, fasteners are essential when it comes to the completion of different tasks in the industry. 

In this article, we are going to discuss what fasteners are and the role they play in the construction industry.

What are Industrial Fasteners?

Fasteners are the pieces of equipment used in the construction industry when joining different items together. These items are not joined permanently. Different construction projects use different types of fasteners to ensure that the project is strong and safe.

For instance, looking at the supply chain, you will realize that anchor bolts are among the most common types of fasteners. This is because, in the construction industry, they are very efficient when holding different components or even machinery together.

Fasteners are also used in other industries. Looking at industries such as the infrastructure, manufacturing, and automation industries, fasteners are among the most important components used when assembling different parts to come up with the final product. For example, a vehicle cannot be what it is without fasteners.

What is the Importance of Fasteners?

The uses of fasteners vary from one project to another depending on the materials used in the project and other requirements. They come in different types and shapes, with each designed to hold objects in different ways.

For instance, apart from screws and anchor bolts, you can find nails with spirals on the sides acting as a fastener.

Fasteners are very essential in making objects long-lasting and rigid. They also make them look presentable and clean.

Since different construction projects have different requirements and use many objects and materials to come up with the final products, the materials have to be held together. This would be very difficult without the use of fasteners.

As discussed above, apart from the construction industry, fasteners are also used in other industries and you will find different fasteners used in each of these industries for different purposes.

For instance, the requirements of a fastener used in the construction industry will be different from those of a fastener in the automobiles industry. 

Most Common Types of Fasteners

Based on the construction requirements, you will find many types of fasteners in the market today. The most common ones include;


Nails have one of the greatest sheer strengths compared to other fasteners. They are very common when joining different pieces of wood together. 

Nails can be grouped into box nails (come with a diamond-like tip and are common in steel construction), common nails (come with a thick shank and have a good holding power), and brad nails (which are commonly used in wood construction).


Screws are considered to be versatile fasteners because they come with threaded shafts that make them durable and hold objects together for a much longer time compared to other fasteners. They can be classified into machine screws, deck screws, and wood screws.


Anchors are fasteners used when connecting objects to hard materials such as concrete or drywall.

Nuts and Bolts

Apart from nails, bolts and nuts are also common in the construction industry. The two are used with each other when holding different objects together. When joining two objects, the bolts are inserted into the objects and then fastened using the nuts.


When choosing the type of fasteners to use in your construction project, it is important to understand the requirements of the project. This is because fasteners are made of different types of materials that dictate how and where they can be used.

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