The Importance of Proper Posture: How Office Chairs Can Help

Are you an office person who works for long hours every day and is stuck with a bad body posture?  Well, if so, then this article is for you. Here we will talk about how to get rid of this issue and also tell you the importance and benefits of having a good body posture. 

We also discuss how office chairs can help to maintain a good body posture and how a good body posture will facilitate you to be more productive during your day-to-day life. So, let’s start

Why is proper posture so important? 

People who work in an office sit down for long hours 5-6 days a week. In this context having good body posture is a must. This is why a good posture will always help you to feel active and energetic. Also, it helps to prevent kinds of health issues from having a bad posture. 

 Body posture acts as a way through which an individual holds his body while standing, lying and walking, or doing any other activity. People who do Yoga every day understand the importance of body posture. A person with good body posture helps to prevent excessive strains on the joints and muscles of the body. 

This encourages the proper alignment of the joints and bones. This promotes the effective and efficient use of muscle in the body and also reduces the abnormal positioning of your spine. A person with proper sitting posture attains a low risk of strain and sprain injuries. Not only this,  but we also prevent muscle fatigue. 

This helps to reduce the pain and also minimize the risk of injury while doing any physical activity. The benefits do not end here, in fact, this helps to reduce pain and boost self-esteem. This makes you feel happy and confident. If you are stuck in a bad posture then it takes time to overcome this bad posture and retrieve a good posture but it is possible.  

What does proper posture mean? 

When a person sits over a chair then 3 curves in the spine help to decide the mode of posture. If these 3 curves are in their right position then everything is good and defines that you’re sitting with proper posture. Let’s discuss these 3 curves. 

 Cervical Curve:- This curve is placed at your neck. It is a slightly forward curve and one of the most important curves that decide your posture. 

 Thoracic Curve:- This curve is a slight backward curve that is available between the upper and mid back. This curve is the most important curve that decides the condition of your body posture.

 Lumbar Curve:- This is a slightly forward curve that is available at the lower back position. 

 When these 3 curves are straight and placed at the ideal position the body looks straight and active. We recognized this condition as a condition of proper posture. If any of them is displaced from its ideal position then the body posture made with this combination is not recognized as the ideal body posture. 

How to sit in a proper posture? 

 To sit properly, some of the body parts must be placed in a specified position. All the major postures which are up to the mark to sit in a proper posture are listed below:-

  •     To sit in a proper posture your chin must be parallel to the floor. 
  •     The shoulder of the person should be back and even. 
  •     The spine of the body must be in a neutral position and no excessive arching is available in your back. 
  •     The core muscles of the body are gently engaged. 
  •     Lastly, the total body weight should get distributed evenly throughout the body

How does an office chair help to improve body posture? 

Office chairs are one of the best tools to deal with proper posture issues. If you have an issue of sitting in an improper posture then getting the office chairs will be the best deal for you. Let’s see some points which define how office chairs help to improve body posture. 

  •     Seat Height: Office chairs have the feature to change the height of the chair. This suits individuals of every height so that the person can easily set the ideal height that suits the body and sit in a proper posture. 
  •     Backrest Lumbar Support: A good office chair is ergonomic and an ergonomic chair helps to maintain the ideal S shape of the spine which is recognized as the ideal shape of the body. This posture prevents slumping and reduces stress on the spine. The office chair provides additional support to the back to be in the ideal seating position.
  •     Backrest recline: An adjustable backrest is also available in the chair that allows greater tailored positioning for the user. So, when the person moves the back and reclines over the chair then the chair will hold the ideal shape of the spine. 
  •     Swivel: The availability of a Swivel in your office chair also helps the user to make it easier to reach a different point of their desk.

These are some of the features of an office chair that help to maintain a good body posture. If you’re working for long hours and still want to maintain good body posture then getting an ergonomic office chair will help to reach your goal faster. 

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