The Importance of Regular Physical Activity by Dr. Timothy Francis

The importance of regular physical activity and exercise has been echoed for centuries because of the numerous benefits. Being active is one of the easiest ways to stay healthy, have more energy, and even improve mental health. Additionally, regular physical activity will help you stay fit and improve your overall quality of life. 

Living a sedentary life is never good as it negatively affects your overall body health, especially now during the post-pandemic era. Whether physical or mental, you must implement regular physical exercise into your routine if you want to add years to your life. With Dr Timothy Francis Las Vegas, you will be able to lead a happier and healthier life as he is an expert in applied kinesiology. 

Any movement that makes your muscles move and work, such as swimming, walking, jogging, running, dancing, etc., is considered a physical activity or a type of exercise. But how much impact does exercise have on your body? Read this article to know some of the key benefits of physical activity with Dr. Timothy Francis:

Better Weight Management 

Consistent physical activity is a great way to get control over your weight as it helps you burn calories. People worldwide take part in several different types of activities to ensure they manage their weight better. Remember that weight loss will only happen when your body spends energy. 

Increasing your metabolic rate is crucial in burning calories and maximizing fat loss, so the more intense activity, the more burned energy. There are several ways you can get creative, so find the ones suitable for you. 

Improves Mood 

Physical activity influences your mind by stimulating certain brain chemicals that make you feel happier and more relaxed. The effects of physical activity on your mood are so powerful that it can even reduce or regulate anxiety and stress, and in some cases, even depression. 

When you are consistent with your exercise routines or any activity, you tend to be happier, improving your self-esteem. This feel-good sensation will ensure that you are more relaxed, confident, and stress-free during your day. 

Strengthens Muscles and Bones 

As we grow old, our muscles and bones tend to weaken, but physical activity is a great way to boost your body. Keeping your bones, joints, and muscles healthy is vital for your overall health and quality of life. When you regularly exercise, you maintain strength in your muscles and bones, which reduces the breakdown process while you grow old. 

No matter the type of exercise or activity you choose, it will help you stay strong and be physically active even in your old age. Keep in mind that high-intensity activities like football, basketball, etc. tend to promote a higher bone density compared to only walking, running, cycling, etc.

Combat Chronic Diseases 

Physical exercise is an excellent way to reduce all sorts of health risks and even combat chronic diseases.  No matter what your weight or level of physical fitness is, exercise helps in improving bodily functions, which allows you to combat chronic diseases. 

A healthy dose of activity will also reduce cholesterol levels and regulate your blood pressure will promote good heart health. Some of the other health concerns that you reduce are type 2 diabetes, arthritis, depression, different types of cancer, stroke, heart-related diseases, etc. 

So if you want to reduce the risks of several diseases, you should consider regular physical exercise, as mentioned above.

Improved Energy Levels 

For many people, exercise can improve energy levels as it helps maintain a healthy heart and lungs. When these two functions work well, your body receives a healthy flow of oxygen which significantly boosts your energy levels. 

So with regular physical activity, your muscles and organs will work more efficiently and keep you more energized. Aerobic exercise is one great solution to reduce fatigue and even combat various medical conditions. 

Improves Sleep 

We know that a good night’s sleep will boost your health, improve your mood, and even give you more energy. While there are many ways to improve your sleep quality, exercise is one of the most effective solutions. The energy lost during your exercise will often help improve your sleep routines. 

When you sleep, your body rebuilds your muscles and restores the energy lost. People who exercise regularly have better sleep routines as they can fall asleep quicker, have a deeper sleep and have a higher quality of sleep. No matter the type of exercise you choose, it will help you relax and sleep better at night. 

Boosts Sex Life 

If you struggle to enjoy physical intimacy with your loved one, regular physical activity can help. When you exercise daily, you improve blood circulation, which strengthens your heart and boosts your sex life. 

It can also enhance arousal in women and reduce the risks of erectile dysfunction in males. Additionally, regular activity tones your muscles, boosting your confidence and eventually improving your sexual performance.

Final Thoughts 

Keep in mind that these are just some of the benefits you can receive with regular physical activity. Remember, Dr. Timothy Francis is an expert in muscle movement and how they relate to your complex bodily functions. If you prefer cycling outdoors, here are quick health benefits that you should know about.

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