The importance of winter garage door maintenance

As the winter months are fast approaching, the wintry weather soon sets in with so many of us heading to work in freezing temperatures having to battle with the weather. For industrial and commercial business owners the change in weather can actually impact and slow down business operations. Particularly in fast-moving industries such as haulage and warehousing where goods are typically in and out of premises on a regular basis.

In order to keep on top of business operations, Hormann has helped to explain why garage door maintenance for your industrial and commercial properties is more important than ever

Photo by Italo Melo from Pexels

Prepare for the winter months 

Before winter approaches, give your site a thorough evaluation taking a closer look at your industrial doors to ensure they will survive the harsh weather and will continue to heat and secure your premises. This is a good time to contact a qualified engineer who is able to give your industrial doors a complete service. 


The winter season typically sees energy prices soar as we all head straight for the thermostat and heating systems to stay warm. For large industrial and commercial buildings keeping these warm in the winter, both for the benefit of staff and for the protection of goods and materials can be tricky.

Where you have installed garage doors in your unit, a winter service would be an ideal way to ensure your doors are professionally installed and keep your unit sufficiently insulated.

A lack of insulation from your garage doors could lead to a poor working environment. One where staff morale will suffer, and the storage of valuable goods could be compromised and they are affected by the sudden drop in temperature. 

Save money and energy 

On top of this, while ensuring your premises are properly insulated you will be saving yourself money and energy. 

Prevent damage and breakdowns 

During the winter months, all types of external industrial doors are susceptible to weathering. Your garage doors must be serviced, especially at this time of the year, to ensure the weather stripping along the sides and bottoms of the door are not broken or damaged in any way, which may allow water and wind to get through the door.

If your garage doors are installed on an external wall of your building it is important, they are in good condition so that they do not suffer as a result of harsh weather. Please note, only a qualified and professional engineer should be servicing your industrial doors. 


As days get shorter, daylight is a luxury which means your premises may be less well lit than usual. During this time of the year, security does become a more pressing issue. Particularly as thieves and trespassers take advantage of the low light in the evenings and early mornings.

Regular service and maintenance of your external garage doors will ensure they continue to provide your industrial and commercial premises with the highest level of security. Automated garage doors, in particular, should be serviced to ensure the system is safely installed and working at a sufficient rate.

If you still have a traditional garage door, consider an automated system to modernize your systems and provide your staff and premises with improved security. 

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