The Influence of Mobile Apps on Our Day-to-Day Lives

Surprisingly, mobile phone history stretches as far back as far as 1908, when a US patent was issued for a wireless telephone, but the invention of mobile phones occurred in the 1940s. Even then, the ‘phones’ were more like two-way radios than they were actual phones. In April 1973, Motorola became the first company to mass produce mobile phones.

As for apps, meanwhile, it’s possible to trace their history back to the early 1980s. At the time, Steve Jobs was discussing his vision of software being downloaded over phonelines. What he’d envisioned was a future with apps and app stores. The Apple App Store launched in 2008. Below is a look at the influence of apps on daily life and at how apps and mobile technology have made online gaming more popular. if you enjoy online gaming and want to learn more about the latest mobile casino apps, check out

How apps have influenced people’s day-to-day lives 

Apps have exerted a major impact on the way people live. Today, and thanks to apps, human beings can take care of many tasks on the go, saving themselves time, effort and, in some cases, money. Whatever they want to achieve, the chances are there’s an app that can help them. Here’s how apps have influenced people’s lives:

Distance isn’t an issue

The power of social media, phone and conferencing apps has enabled people to connect with anyone else in the world, no matter how far away they are. It’s possible to chat via video calls, voice calls and send messages or photos, depending on the platform. People are so much closer to each other than before, even if they’re thousands and thousands of miles apart. 

Shopping is more straightforward and convenient

Shopping apps can help shoppers find what they want and at the best price. They don’t have to march out to shops or shopping centers and browse. They can search on their phone and order it on their device.

Searching is easier

Finding places could be hard. Not now. Navigation apps help people to get to where their wish to be much easier. They can detect the person’s location and, once the app knows where they’re heading, direct them to their destination. 

That’s just handful of ways people use apps in daily life. Apps can help people to work on the go, to learn, to order a range of services and more.

Popular apps

Some apps have become so popular it’s a rare phone you won’t see them on, simply because people use them every day. Below are a few that experience daily usage: 


Amazon is pretty much the world’s online store. On it, shoppers can see how much they save because of the comparison between the Amazon price and the retail price. They can buy just about anything on Amazon, so it’s immensely convenient.


As you might imagine, the Facebook app is highly popular and is keeping people connected across the globe. Not only that, but businesses are using it for their marketing as well. Just as it’s possible to share news and images with connections from a personal profile, companies can create pages of their own from which they present news and views and engage with fans who like their company page.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is the app to which many people turn when they need to make a search online. The ability to make multiple searches by opening different tabs and then being able to flip easily between them makes it convenient and user friendly, whereas viewing searches on Safari is more complicated.

Mobile devices, apps and online gaming

When it comes to tech, online casino operators follow the trends very closely. This is crucial to help them keep up with the competition, if not steal the edge on them. 

Apps have played an important part in this because the operators are aware players want to play on the move. These companies have made their services more accessible from mobile devices, allowing players to participate in games from wherever they are. They can do this either through an app or by visiting the casino operator’s website, which will have been specially designed to display and function well on mobile.

The availability adds to the convenience of this style of gaming. Players can log in at any time they wish to and get playing. They’re not restricted by opening or closing times. 

The variety available has also enhanced the popularity of online gaming. Players can play traditional casino games or, if they prefer something a little bit different, variations of them. If they’d rather play slots instead, the world is their oyster. To keep players engaged, operators offer a wide selection of slots, each with a different theme so that players have a good chance of finding a slot they’ll enjoy. 

Mobile phones and the apps available on them are making life a whole lot easier. It’s easier to communicate, to work, to find the way around places, to shop and, in general, to get things done. Apps offer practicality and entertainment. It’s definitely good to have them.