The Latest Development in Endo Irrigation Presented at AEEDC 2024

Step into the world of dentistry’s future at AEEDC 2024, where innovation and expertise converge for an unparalleled experience. The international dental conference and exhibition, from Feb. 6th to 8th, 2024, offers an all-gathering platform for the latest developments in this industry. Professionals from all corners of the dental world will converge for a dynamic mix of educational sessions, hands-on workshops, and an expansive exhibition floor that showcases the cutting-edge technology shaping the future of oral care. 

Among the participants, Dental Perfect, an experienced endo tool and device manufacturer, presented its new endo irrigation solutions, which received great attention from the attendees.

Significance of Endodontic Irrigation in Modern Dentistry

Endo irrigation refers to the stellar process in endodontic treatment and eradication of root canal microbes, in particular. 

Endo activators, the performers of root canal irrigation, are developed to enhance the efficacy of irrigation in endodontic procedures; the endo activator employs sonic and ultrasonic technology. Unlike traditional methods that rely solely on syringes or passive irrigation, the endo activator features a small, flexible polymer tip that oscillates and agitates the irrigating solution within the root canal. 

This mechanical activation helps to dislodge and remove debris, bacteria, and biofilm more effectively than manual irrigation alone. The device’s design allows for improved fluid penetration into the complex anatomy of the root canal system, ensuring a more thorough cleaning process. The Endo activator’s technological innovation has gained widespread acceptance among dental professionals, contributing to enhanced treatment outcomes and efficiency in endodontic procedures.

Dental Perfect’s Endo Irrigation Series – A Leading Solution for Dental Professionals

Sensing the great demands in this market, Dental Perfect’s new endo irrigation series was presented at AEEDC 2024. 

Wave Q: Make Root Canal Irrigation Easier

Engineered with meticulous attention to detail, Wave Q is designed to deliver consistent and controlled irrigation throughout the procedure, ensuring the thorough cleaning of the root canal system. Wave Q adopts 3 different sonic cleaning frequencies that can adjust to the different operation requirements. 

Ultra Dancer: Elevating Debris Removal

In Dental Perfect’s distinguished lineup, Ultra Dancer takes center stage with its advanced capabilities in debris removal. This endo irrigation system comes with 3 models of power, which facilitate efficient removal of debris and contaminants from the root canal, contributing significantly to a more thorough and successful treatment process.

Wave Q (Sonic irrigation activator) Ultra Dancer (irrigation activator)
Vibration 13,000 times per minute 45,000 times per minute
Battery 3.7V/800mAh lithium battery

(can last for 90 days)

3.7V/800mAh lithium battery

(can last for 20 days)

Mass 62g 83±2g
Operation Automation 3 sonic cleaning frequencies 3 modes
Holding size 20mm 24mm
Output 5V DC, 2A 5V DC, 2A
Input  AC 200-240~50/60HZ AC 100-240~50/60HZ

IrriTech: Versatility in Action

Dental Perfect’s IrriTech is an upgraded irrigation needle that add an extra layer of efficiency to root canal irrigation. Designed to be compatible with various endodontic procedures, The needle has a distinctive back-to-back dual-side opening at the pointed end, providing a larger lateral flushing flow for improved irrigation. 

Besides, it is made of soft polypropylene that can deliver flushing fluid with precision, ensuring a thorough flushing. And for the gold standard—safety first, IrriTech also does a great job, considering its innovative closed-end sheath design that can minimize the risk of compression during dental procedures. 


Dental Perfect’s Endo Irrigation Series, presented at AEEDC 2024, signifies a paradigm shift in the landscape of endodontic care. The precision, efficiency, and versatility offered by products like Wave Q, Ultra Dancer, and IrriTech redefine the standards of endo irrigation.

For dental practitioners seeking a reliable and innovative partner in endodontic care, Dental Perfect emerges as the ideal choice. The showcased products at AEEDC 2024 and the grand presentation at Dental South China 2024 underline the company’s commitment to advancing dental technologies and ensuring the success of root canal treatments.

Let’s embrace the future of dentistry with Dental Perfect’s Endo Irrigation Series, setting new benchmarks for precision and excellence.

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