The Lockdown Impact of the Betting Industry Year 2020

The worldwide COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone, whether it is in a positive or negative way. Many people around the world have lost their loved ones, some have lost their jobs and some have had to cancel a lot of planned activities. But the pandemic has also made people appreciate each other more than ever and we have learned not to take anything for granted ever again. Some industries have suffered since the beginning of the lockdown, while other industries have benefited from it. Nevertheless, the COVID-19 lockdown has had a major impact on the betting industry worldwide. The industry has faced a lot of challenges but they have also experienced an increasing number of gamblers. In this article, we give you an overview of the lockdown impact of the betting industry this year.

How Is The Current Covid-19 Situation?

Since COVID-19 made its worldwide entry, it has been spreading to countries all around the world with more than 65 million cases in 190 countries. There have been reported around 1.5 million deaths and the virus just keeps spreading. Even though many countries have had success keeping the number of cases at a low point during the summer, these countries now face new outbreaks which force them to introduce more restrictions once again.

The Positive Impact On The Betting Industry

First and foremost, the COVID- 9 pandemic has forced a lot of casinos and gambling venues to shut down which is bad for the betting industry. On the other hand, the many months of lockdown has meant that a lot of people have had more time at home. In general, people have spent more time online which means that the players who usually go to casinos to gamble, now have changed their gambling habits because they have been forced to do it online if they want to keep betting and gambling.

Luckily for them, online casino venues have offered a lot of online betting options which have resulted in an increasing interest for eSports and fantasy videos. A lot of online betting companies experience a rise in customers due to the fact that people spend more time at home. At the same time people don’t necessarily spend as much money as usual which could cause them to spend more money betting online. The COVID-19 pandemic seems to be going on for quite some time which means that the betting industry only will get more online players and hereof increase their profits.

The Negative Impact On The Betting Industry

The COVID-19 pandemic has not only had a positive impact on the betting industry the past year. Due to the fact that more people are participating in online gambling, there has been a concern about online betting having a negative impact on people’s mental health. Because of the increasing number of online gamblers, there is a risk for increased online behavior and in consequence an increased number of gambling problems.

Due to a lot more free time, gamblers will perhaps feel the need to constantly check the gambling sites and increase their urge to place bets. The worst case scenario will result in an alarmingly high number of gambling disorders. If you develop a gambling problem, it can lead to many issues. You could potentially lose a lot of money, you might start experiencing loneliness and you develop an addiction that is not healthy. Therefore it is crucial to learn the rules for responsible gambling before you start betting. This will help you to keep gambling a fun and entertaining activity.

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