The Manufacturing of Juice Machine For Filling

Sheen Star is a largest company that offers turnkey projects and complete package solutions for all types of water used for drinking and beverage production lines, including systems of treatment of water, moulding machines (bottle blow), filling lines of water, juice, beverages and also drinks (carbonated), machines’ labelling, 5 gallon water filling line, film shrink and cotton packing machine, and many others.


Zhangjiagang Sheenstar Technology Co., Ltd was established in 2010 with a focus on water and beverage production. 

Main objective 

Company pays attention to the innovative research, invention, and manufacturing of beverages, also water packaging and equipment filling. 

Machines Manufactured by Sheenstar

Sheen Star is a manufacturer of a variety of juice filling devices.

  1. Sheenstar Orange Juice Filling And Labeling Machine
  2. Packaging and filling Machine of fruit juice
  3. Machine of juice Bottling 
  4.  Sealing and filling of Machine (of juice)
  5. Juice(fruit) Filling Machine
  6. Plastic Bottle Juice Filling Machine (15000bph) With, “Big Fruit Pulp”.

Freshly squeezed juice filling and packaging equipment like the Sheenstar orange juice filling and labelling equipment, and other drink filling equipment, are used to fill juice beverages, hot filling, and various sorts of pet bottles. To change the in-feeding screw and conveying chain, direct connection technique between the air conveyor and the in-feeding star wheel is used to change only a few components. The star wheel is constructed with newly developed bottle-separating grippers. In the transportation of bottles, “neck-hanging technology” is used. Instead of using a standard star wheel, it employs a neck-hanging gripper to make bottle size changes simple, and just a few parts need to be adjusted.

Uniquely constructed metal rinser clamps are “solid and sturdy” , with no interaction with the cork part of the bottle to prevent secondary pollution. To make the procedure of changing bottle sizes easier, a splint of a star wheel is used that twists down. Within ten minutes, all that is required is the replacement of the arch board and star wheel. The equipment may be used to make tea, juice, and functional drinks.

The 15000bph plastic bottle juice filling machine’s model is RXGF 32-32-18-32-8. 

It can generate packaged juice at a rate of 15000 bph with a large fruit pulp. The device has two rinsing parts: one for sterilising the unused bottle with antiseptic, and the other for cleaning the polycarbonate bottle with distilled water. After that, the machine goes to the fruit pulp filling section, then fills the bottle with juice, and finally caps the bottles with caps. The caps exit the cap elevator and proceed to the sterilisation channel, where they are sterilised before entering the capping section. Stainless steel is used throughout the machine.All of the electrical components are from well-known companies. The use of an automatic system lowers labour costs. The cleaning, packing, and sealing characteristics of the juice filling and sealing machine include: 3 in 1 monoblock, washing, filling, and sealing. 

This machine can handle a variety of bottles with ease, and it is simple to alter the machine to fill different types of bottles.  Because of the novel pressure filler technology, the filling procedure is faster and more stable. The machine is controlled by a sophisticated OMRON PLC with autonomous functioning and a touchpad for human-computer interaction. 

The bottle-entering chain’s sensors control the speed and work in tandem with a frequency converter to ensure that the main machine’s forward bottle operation is stable and reliable. If there is no bottle, the filling and capping will immediately cease. 

Simple operation, because the machine automates every aspect of photoelectric detection, and the filling machine parts can be converted to a low-vacuum filling method on this basis. One of the juice filling machines has a suspended bottleneck clamping mechanism that keeps the bottle stable even while running at fast speeds. It can readily meet the requirements for the production of several types of bottles by altering a few pieces.

The grabs are made of a new generation of stainless steel and do not come into contact with the area above the screw thread on the bottle. Nozzles in the grasp ensure a thorough cleaning of the bottle’s interior. Filling is quick, stable, and accurate thanks to the innovative micro negative-pressure filling technology used in this machine.

This machine satisfies all technical standards for hot-filling below 95 degrees Fahrenheit.  Before capping, the mouth of the bottle will be cleaned with an R.O. Washing device. Screw capping is done by magnetic torque, and the power of screw capping can be regulated. Capping is dependable and does not harm caps.

Features of machines:

  1. washing, filling, and capping
  2. complete automation
  3. the use of stainless steel
  4. Control cabinet separated (touch screen, PLC), easy to operate and maintain
  5. CE, SGS, and ISO9001 certifications
  6. 3 monoblocks in one

Main Advantages:

  • simple to operate and maintain
  • cabinet for separate control (touch screen, PLC)
  • 3 in 1 monoblock for washing, filling, and sealing
  • Stainless steel is a durable material


These devices are being used to fill juice bottles, either PET bottles or other bottles.