The mobile battery revolution is just around the corner

It is difficult to imagine modern life without using a smartphone. And thanks to the development of modern technologies, we have the opportunity to receive an insane amount of information thanks to our little friends. It is also very important that today a smartphone is not a luxury product; you can find a worthy alternative in any price segment.

Most Important Flaw

However, despite all the pleasantness of this situation, it also has its drawbacks. The thing is that before, to use a mobile device fully, there was no need for them to have huge batteries. But today, when a smartphone can do literally everything and help you in any aspect of your life, even in an online casino UK, this is a problem. And on the one hand, this requires smartphones to be equipped with huge batteries, but on the other hand, the manufacturer is constantly trying to make the smartphone as light and thin as possible so that it is comfortable to use.

The Battery Revolution

Xiaomi has presented its new development, which promises that modern devices will be able to live on a single charge 10% more without increasing the weight or size of the device. On the one hand, this is not much because about 10% of the capacity is about an hour and a half of work, but on the other hand, it can affect not only mobile devices but also all equipment for which modern batteries are used.

Why Is Battery Capacity So Important?

The problem of battery capacity is a very important feature today. Because as soon as humanity’s greatest minds can offer an alternative or find opportunities for the capacity of the storage battery to increase significantly, we will begin a new era. The reason is that today the battery is used everywhere. For example, you might have heard of or even used a Tesla car, where a battery is a significant aspect. And if the battery capacity grows significantly, it will directly affect the competition between Tesla and other automakers that continue to use gasoline engines today.


The development of modern storage batteries is essential in the technologies’ development. The first tests that can be seen from Xiaomi will begin in 2022! And, of course, we really hope that they will be successful since everyone who tried to do it earlier, unfortunately, failed.