The Most Common Injury for Truck Drivers

The trucking industry puts high demands on truck drivers. There are long hours, long distances, and weather factors to contend with on every journey. 

This sedentary job means that truckers are more prone to certain health risks. These health risks have the potential to put everyone who shares the roads with truck drivers in danger.

Take a look at the most common injuries for truck drivers and how they can impede safe driving.

Neck and Back Injuries

Since truck drivers must spend long hours behind the wheel in small truck cabins, they have little room for movement. Their muscles become stiff and sore, and the combined vibrations of the rumbling truck engine and rough roads can contribute to serious neck and back pain. 

Musculoskeletal Injuries

Spending so much time behind the wheel carrying freight means that truck drivers don’t get much exercise. Their lack of exercise makes them more susceptible to incurring all kinds of injuries. Repetitive motions can also cause strain and inflammation in their joints and the pain and stiffness can make it harder for a trucker to react in time to a hazard ahead. 

Obesity and Hypertension

Truck drivers are an extremely high-risk group for obesity and hypertension. Their sedentary job gives them little chance to exercise. Their long-haul journeys also mean that when it’s time to stop and eat, the options for healthy food are limited. The lack of exercise and consumption of unhealthy, calorie-rich foods can lead to chronic health conditions.


Most people don’t realize how monotonous and isolating it is to drive a truck for a living. It can take a massive toll on the trucker’s mental health. Without the right treatment, it could make a trucker more prone to engaging in unsafe behavior such as drinking or taking drugs to deal with their feelings. Bad habits caused by depression are dangerous for everyone on the road.

Extreme Fatigue

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulates the hours of service for truckers. Some truck drivers ignore these rules and drive for longer than they should. However, even drivers who follow federal laws can be subject to fatigue. 

When a trucker is fatigued, they may struggle to concentrate, making them more likely to cause an accident. Many truckers also have sleep apnea which impacts getting good sleep at night, leading to drowsiness during the day.

How Can Truck Driver Injuries Cause Harm on the Roads?

Every truck driver is required to pass various medical tests and keep track of their health. Some conditions may mean they have to stop working as a truck driver. While many truckers obey the rules, some of them will hide their detrimental health problems.

In other cases, the trucking company will look the other way since there is such a high demand for truckers to haul goods across the country. If you were in a truck accident, contact a truck accident lawyer. They will conduct a full investigation to determine if the trucker’s health conditions were a factor in your crash.

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