The Most Demanded Online Casino Types on 2021 Market

Despite the outbreak of coronavirus, the year 2020 was a boom for online casinos. In 2021, millions of gamblers continue to sign up with different internet casinos to play slots, poker, and table and live dealer games. It means internet casinos will gain even more prominence worldwide. It is a crucial shift from brick and mortar gaming houses as we know it. The truth is that land-based casinos in cities like Las Vegas have been hit hardest by the pandemic. Most of them have closed down due to lack of customers. 

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A seasoned online gambler would agree that not all gaming sites meet expectations. You can have a thrilling or awful gaming experience depending on your exposure to vital information about internet casinos. Moreover, given that there are different types of online casinos, gamblers must make the right decisions from the onset. Usually, online casinos are categorized based on factors such as platform and game variety. This post reviews the most demanded online casino types in 2021. To a gambler who wishes to start playing right away, the best online casino in South Africa according to CasinoHEX, will not disappoint. 

How to Identify the Most In-Demand Online Casinos in 2021

Before exploring various types of in-demand online casinos in 2021, you would be interested in identifying one. Thus, choosing a top eGaming platform boils down to the following factors:

  • The authenticity of internet casinos plays significance when choosing a gaming site. You should register with a platform that secures your money and personal identity. 
  • The most in-demand internet casinos are also legally registered under certain gambling jurisdictions. Popular jurisdictions include Curacao Gaming Authority, the UK Gambling Commission, and Isle of Man Gaming Authority.
  • The registration process for online casinos that are in high demand is often secure and includes identity-verification. If a gaming site creates a password for you, run for the hills. 
  • Also, ask the question, does the platform suit your gaming needs? In-demand online casinos offer a variety of casino games to meet the expectations of punters. You will also have a thrilling gambling experience on such platforms.
  • Reviews of an online casino are equally important. Before signing up to play games on a casino website, check out reviews about it on independent reviewer platforms. 

2021 Most Demanded Casino Types

The euphoria around internet casinos is here to stay. Even as new variants of COVID-19 pose a threat to the global economy, online casinos can only grow bigger. Here is a quick preview of the most demanded online casino types in the 2021 market. 

Web-Based Gaming Platforms

Today, most businesses are web-based. And while the new coronavirus is a threat to the global economy, web-based casinos are undoubtedly the biggest gainers. Definitively, web-based casinos rely on the speed of web browsers to offer gamers an exhilarating gambling experience. You do not have to download anything to join web-based casinos. Launch your browser, and in the search tab, lookup for any casino website. 

While game graphics on web-based gaming platforms vary from one casino to another, you need a strong internet connection to have the best experience. Your browser must also be up-to-date, especially if you want to experience gaming in 3D without lags. Note the best experience on these casinos is best realized on desktop devices. 

App-Based Online Casinos

Mobile applications have become the mainstay of internet activities.  For example, app-based internet casinos have gained global prominence in the last decade. Most app-based casinos present a high-speed and interactive gaming experience with excellent graphics. But first, players must download a casino app,  install it, sign-up/sign-in to start playing. To win more players, app-based online casinos often offer a wide array of exciting bonuses to new and existing customers. 

Most importantly, you can only enjoy gaming on app-based casinos that are compatible with your device. With most developers targeting Android and iOS platforms, millions of gamblers access app-based casinos hassle-free. Also, note that you must have a strong internet connection to access and play games on casino applications. App-based casinos are also known as download-based online casinos. 

Mobile Online Casinos

Most gamblers mistake mobile online casinos for app-based variants. However, the difference between the two is simple. While you must download a casino app to access app-based/download-based gaming platforms, you only need a smartphone and a compatible web-browser to access mobile casinos. Some people liken mobile casinos to web-based variants. However, the former presents gamblers with an optimized view of gaming sites. 

Moreover, you will not always get full HD graphic experience on mobile casinos. Some graphics and texts may not be visible on mobile gaming sites due to limited view on smartphones. Moreover, note that sometimes you may have to play games in landscape view after logging into mobile online casinos. Some experts argue that mobile gaming sites have borrowed a lot from aspects that build online marketplaces. The main aim is to target millions of smartphone users around the world. 

Live Dealer Online Casinos

While live dealer games have always been popular with land-based casinos, you can now play live roulette, baccarat, live blackjack, and many other live games online. As modern technologies such as machine learning, virtual reality, AI, and augmented reality gain prominence in eGaming, online live dealer casinos are fast replacing land-based casinos. Therefore, a popular argument that addiction to internet-based live dealer games is soaring is not far-fetched. The experience is similar to sitting inside a brick and mortar casino. Players need stable and high-speed internet connectivity to get the best experience on live dealer casino websites.  


Internet casinos have become explosive, registering exponential growth in a year that a pandemic shut down the world. In 2021, gamblers should expect more. As gaming companies strive to claim a share of the billion-dollar eGaming industry, punters must conduct a reality check. Do you have a gaming site in mind or not? Most importantly, playing games on the most demanded online casinos in the 2021 market will turn your stake into big winnings. Most importantly, observe the rules of responsible gambling.  

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