The Most Important Live Casino Requirements Explained

Live dealer lobbies are still considered innovative, despite the fact that the first games in the genre were introduced several years ago. Many players are only experiencing live casino games for the first time on sites like However, before beginning the thrilling journey to the world of these titles, it is reasonable to discover all the requirements associated with the process.

Account Creation

First things first, the players should set up profiles at the casinos in which they are planning to enjoy live dealer games. This is necessary because, aside from a very few exceptions, live dealer titles do not offer any trial versions of the experience. The games require users to create an account, which rarely takes longer than a couple of minutes.

The only exception where the user won’t need to register is with titles by BetGames TV. This software provider offers a trial version of the experience on its website, where the players can get free virtual credits to try out the games. Expectedly, there are no real money winnings in these demo versions: they only exist to let the users explore the games before investing any funds into it.

Making a Deposit

As it has just been established, the vast majority of live casino games are exclusively available for playing with real money. Aside from creating an account, it implies having the said funds on the account. Therefore, the gambler has to make a deposit before they can even connect to a live dealer table.

The good news is that even a small deposit will do: at most casinos, it will be enough to cash-in the minimum sum accepted by the website. The process is also rather intuitive. The player will need to click on the Deposit button, select a payment method and finish the transaction.

While making a deposit, it is important to take into account the limits of each game. The best option would be to select a table before making the transaction, especially if the budget is low. After discovering the minimum bet accepted on that table, the user will be able to make the corresponding deposit.

Bonus Terms

In case the player decides to activate a live dealer promotion, there will be an extra set of requirements they should meet. Experienced gamblers will be pleased to discover that the rules are very similar to regular gambling bonuses. For beginners, it is reasonable to look into the following bonus terms beforehand:

  •   wagering requirements;
  •   minimum deposit sum for activating the promotion;
  •   period for meeting wagering requirements;
  •   minimum and maximum bets counted towards the rollover term.

Knowing how each of the terms works will enable the gambler to understand the real value of the promotion. Even though some of the live casino bonuses are extremely generous, it might be reasonable to skip them for the first session. It would be a lot easier to learn about the promotions after getting comfortable with the games themselves.

Minimum and Maximum Bets

Within the games themselves, there are several additional requirements the users have to comply with. The main of them is the betting limit, which is set by every specific live dealer table. As the name of the rule implies, it sets the smallest and the largest sums accepted on the game table. 

Thankfully, the users won’t need to put too much effort into the matter, as the limits are implemented mechanically into the games. For players with low budgets, it might be important to discover the lower limit of the game before trying it out. For high rollers, it would be reasonable to check the higher limit of the table to get the most out of it.

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