The Most Sought After Digital Jobs in Germany

If you’ve ever wanted to work on cutting-edge technology, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible then Germany could be the place to be. With a high standard of living, a love of beer, and a desire to stay ahead of the competition, Germany has a lot of appeal. They also need a lot of clever people to keep their IT machine firing on all cylinders.

So what IT jobs are in demand in Germany?

Software Developer

If designing, installing, testing and improving applications is your thing, then Germany is the land of opportunity. It is predicted that software developer roles will increase by over twenty per cent by 2028, compared to other roles which are predicted to rise by 5%.

Software development is integral across a range of industries and so to stay competitive many German firms put a lot of emphasis on employing the best software developers.

Data Analysts

Although the rise of artificial intelligence takes some of the lifting when it comes to data analysts, the human touch is still in demand. So much so, that many attend a data analytics boot camp to improve their skills and learn the art of analysis.

At the end of the day, data is a highly valuable commodity and a few years ago it was talked about as the new oil. Leading brands spend a lot of time mining their own data to discover new markets and avenues for profit.

.Net Developers

Being able to build applications on the framework is a true skill, and in Germany, one that is in high demand. Leading brands and startups employ .net developers and so the opportunities are high.

If you have .net skills and want a new challenge, a career in Germany awaits.

Java Developer

Java has been described as the most popular programming language among IT professionals and truly, it is evergreen and used by brand leaders including Amazon and Facebook. Given it is used in a range of technologies from supporting artificial intelligence (AI) and mobile apps, it is no surprise that Java is in demand and will probably be used for the next few decades.

Software Engineer

Given how manufacturing based industries are still thriving in Germany, software engineers who can design processes for automation are in high demand. Much of Europe transferred its manufacturing to far flung regions of the world such as the Far East. Germany, however, was able to resist and still has a strong manufacturing base. 

If you want to ply your trade working on cutting edge projects, Germany is where it’s at.

Cloud Architect

Cloud computing is now firmly established in industry, and cloud architects in Germany design hybrid systems to provide secure storage and accessibility solutions. If cloud architecture is your skillset, you’ll find a host of jobs available in Germany.

Final Thoughts

Germany is at the cutting edge of the digital revolution and has been for over twenty years. If you want a challenging and rewarding career in a vibrant and upbeat country, Germany has opportunities you should look at.

Good luck with your future career.

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