The Most Sought-After VIP Schemes Offered By Australian Online Casinos

A VIP program is how casinos keep their top players coming back for more. These programs offer bonuses and features that regular players can only dream of. VIP programs come in different packages, not only to provide a great selection for players, but also because they’re usually the ones which are the most successful. One of the best places to search for the most sought-after VIP schemes is – real money casinos rated, because providers here are vetted by industry experts. In other words, any offers and bonus deals promoted are ones that would have been tried and tested to make sure they’re top-notch before recommending them to players. 

VIP programs in casinos typically fall into two main categories: tier-based programs and the points-based ones. In this article, we’re going to delve into each type and spill the beans on how you can become a VIP member, what juicy rewards you can win, and how to get your hands on those rewards.

Tier-Based VIP Programs

Most online casinos offer a tier-based VIP program. It’s their way of rewarding their most loyal players. Here’s how it works:

Leveling Up

Players start at the bottom and can move up by hitting certain milestones, such as accumulating a specific number of loyalty points, playing a lot, or depositing some serious cash. As players climb the ladder, they unlock better benefits and rewards

Long-term Engagement

The main idea behind tier-based programs is to reward loyalty and keep players coming back for more fun. So, essentially, the more you play, the more juicy rewards you can unlock.

Exclusive Perks

Each level comes with its own bag of goodies. These can be anything from the following list:

  • free cash and spins 
  • bigger bonuses
  • your own account manager
  • quicker withdrawals
  • higher deposit limits
  • birthday surprises
  • access to special tournaments 
  • personalized promotions

Points-Based VIP Programs

Then there’s the points-based VIP program. This is all about racking up points while you play, and these points can be turned into prizes. Once you gather enough, you can trade them in for great prizes. Here are some key features of these programs:

Collecting Points

Every time you bet or make a deposit, you earn loyalty points. The more you bet or deposit, the more points you get. Once you gather enough, you can trade them in for some cool rewards. 


You don’t have to wait to level up here. You can cash your points whenever you feel like it. This means you get instant rewards based on how many points you’ve got.

Prize Options

The rewards you can snag with your points vary from one casino to the next. They might include anything from the following:

  • bonus cash
  • free withdrawals
  • reduced vigorish/juice
  • free spins
  • cashback
  • merchandise
  • free entry into special tournaments

How To Join A VIP Program

Joining a VIP program at an online casino isn’t rocket science; it’s all about leveling up your gaming experience to bag those exclusive perks. Luckily, there’s more than one way to unlock the VIP club door.

Get In Automatically 

Most of the time, once you sign up and make your first deposit, you get into that site’s VIP program without even trying. After that, the casino keeps tabs on your gameplay. The more you play and bet, the more points and prestige you rack up in the VIP program.

The Exclusive Invite 

Some VIP programs don’t advertise their benefits. Instead, you might get an invitation in your inbox or through a message from the casino. These perks are highly sought-after and often kept behind closed doors. But if you’re a big spender, win or lose, the casino’s bigwigs will want to keep you happy with special rewards. 

Be Loyal And Collect Points

If you want to get invited, your best course of action is to play regularly. This earns you loyalty points and possibly leads the casino to extend that coveted VIP membership.

Bet Big, Get Noticed

Making sizable deposits and placing bold bets will show the casino that you’re serious about your game, and that increases your chances of getting into the VIP club.

Meet The Criteria

Some casinos have VIP programs that anyone can join if they meet specific requirements, like making a certain number of deposits or betting a particular amount. It’s best to check the fine print to see if you fit the bill.

Just Ask

If you think you’ve got what it takes, contact the casino’s support team and ask about joining the VIP program. If you meet their criteria, they might roll out the red carpet for you and invite you to the VIP party!