The Outsourcing Advantage: How It Can Improve Customer Experience in Ecommerce


In case you’re running an ecommerce business, you know that order fulfilment is critical to the customer experience. From managing inventory to shipping and handling, the logistics of ecommerce are complex and time-consuming. That’s where outsourcing fulfilment comes in. By entrusting a third-party service provider to handle the end-to-end fulfilment process, businesses streamline operations and focus on growth. 

But how does outsourcing ecommerce fulfilment services affect your customer’s experience? This article explores the impact of outsourcing fulfilment services, particularly from your customer’s perspective. So, get ready to learn how outsourcing could take your business to the next level.

Streamline the customer journey

Firstly, we must acknowledge the primary benefit of outsourcing logistics and fulfilment, which is streamlining the customer experience. By centralising all operations in one space, you create an effortless after-sales journey. Instead of managing multiple vendors and suppliers for order fulfilment, businesses rely on a single outsourcing partner to handle everything. This reduces the complexity of the supply chain and creates a more seamless customer experience.

Quality of packaging and presentation

Outsourcing ecommerce services could improve the quality of packaging and presentation of products. A third-party fulfilment service may have access to specialised equipment and materials to enhance the perceived quality of the purchase. For example, custom packaging, branded inserts, and other value-added services can differentiate the brand and create a memorable unboxing experience for the customer. 

Hassle-free returns

Returns are a critical part of the customer experience in ecommerce, and outsourcing can improve the process. A third-party fulfilment service provides dedicated returns processing centres and trained staff to handle returns quickly and efficiently. Handing these tasks over can reduce the time it takes for customers to receive refunds or exchanges. It can also minimise the impact of returns on overall profitability.

More accurate pick and pack services

Choosing a third-party centre to manage logistics can improve the accuracy of pick and pack services. A third-party fulfilment service may have more advanced inventory management systems and processes to ensure the correct items are picked and packed for each order. Access to this technology can reduce errors and improve the overall quality of the customer experience.

Shipping costs and fees

Outsourcing logistics and fulfilment can be a game-changer for businesses looking to improve the customer journey while cutting costs. As you know, partnering with a third-party provider gives you access to specialised expertise, equipment, and facilities that may not be available in-house. These benefits result in faster, more accurate orders and lower shipping fees. You can pass these savings on to customers through lower prices or free shipping, making products more affordable and attractive. 

Additionally, outsourcing can reduce the cost of errors and returns, negatively impacting the customer experience. By leveraging the quality control processes and trained staff of service providers, you’ll see higher customer satisfaction, loyalty, and repeat business. 

Less control over the customer experience

One potential disadvantage of outsourcing ecommerce fulfilment is giving up some control over the end-to-end customer experience. Areas you lose control over include the packaging and presentation of products, shipping timelines, and other aspects of the fulfilment process. 

Outsourcing fulfilment may not be the best option for businesses that place a high value on controlling every part of the customer experience. However, it’s worth considering the above points to decide if these advantages benefit your business.

Closing thoughts

Businesses are always looking to improve their customers’ experience. Outsourcing ecommerce fulfilment can be an effective strategy to streamline operations, improve accuracy, and reduce costs. However, you should carefully evaluate the advantages and disadvantages before deciding. 

While outsourcing can provide benefits such as quality packaging, dedicated returns processing, and streamlined operations, you also lose control over the customer experience. Therefore, businesses should weigh their options and consider the impact of outsourcing fulfilment on their customers before deciding whether to take the plunge. With the right approach, ecommerce fulfilment centres help businesses deliver a next-level customer experience and stand out in a crowded marketplace.

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