The Perfect Destination Proposal: Tips To Make It Successful

Are you planning to have a destination proposal? It’s one of the most romantic ways of spending some time with your lover and then sealing it up with the question that’ll lead to the beginning of forever for you two. 

In this article, there are 6 important tips to help you plan the perfect destination proposal and make you feel comfortable throughout your stay in the country. 

6 tips to make your Destination Proposal successful

  • Shop For A Ring

After you’ve decided to marry your girlfriend, the next step is a proposal. Before the proposal, one of the decisions to make is choosing a ring type. During your dating period, your significant other may have hinted to you about the type of rings she’ll love to wear or get during your engagement. 

This is a cue to draw from. You have to work with something she’ll love. If not, you may have to get a new one after she accepts the proposal. 

When shopping for a ring, you need to understand its qualities and which would suit her daily activities. Also, you need to work with a budget, but you can as well decide not to limit the ring to any specific amount. After all, it’s your symbol of love to her. 

A good way to shop for the best rings for your lover is by involving her close colleagues, friends, or family. Aside from getting the right ring type, you need to work with the exact finger measurement. These individuals can be very useful in helping you get the best ring. 

As you’re shopping for an engagement ring, you can seize the opportunity to select what you’ll love as your wedding band. There are different ring types for men with beautiful textures and durability. 

If you’re looking to have something unique and different from the general types, bespoke bands are a good choice. You should check out a mens wedding bands website.

After shopping and buying the right ring, you have to keep it right with you. It’s important to ensure the ring isn’t left behind as you’re planning the trip. 

  • Select the right location

If your woman has always longed to visit a particular place for a long time or you two have a country on your bucket list, then select one of these for your destination proposal. There are a thousand and one places you can take your woman to pop the question. 

You have a beachside, a restaurant, your hotel room, and other lovely places. You can as well choose a location that holds a memory of you two. For example, the place you met, had your first date, first kiss, etc.

When planning, you can stylishly ask where she’ll love to have the proposal done. This isn’t saying you should directly mention your intentions to her, it’s a surprise remember? 

After finding the right location, make the proper arrangement to make it a beautiful one especially if she’s keen on details. Although a spontaneous proposal would work, adding a bit of petal, candlelight, camera, and lights will make it better. 

For assistance, you can ask a friend to come along with you two or make it a getaway that’ll include your other friends too. The hype they’ll add is something to look forward to as well.  

As you’re planning, consider other factors that can limit you or make the whole plan stressful like weather changes, costs, accessibility, etc. Regardless of these, creativity and being natural will help you pull out successfully. 

  • Determine the Duration

As you’re concluding the location for the proposal and sealing other arrangements, you need to determine the duration of your stay as well. If it’s only a short time, then make your plans accordingly. 

For example, make a budget for the food, transport arrangements, the activities you’ll like to get involved in, and lots more. 

If you’ll be staying for a while, then adjust the plans too. For this, you want to research interesting places you’ll be visiting during your stay. You can make reservations ahead as well, especially if you’re planning to visit one of the busiest places. 

  • Get the right clothing

One thing that can spoil your getaway proposal period is taking the wrong clothes. It not only reduces your comfort, but it also affects your ability to visit the places you’ve mapped out. 

A good way to avoid taking the wrong clothes is by researching what time of the year the country will be during your getaway. This will give you a hint on what to pack along – whether your hoodies will be a good fit or not. 

  • Learn about the traditions of the country

When you’re in Rome, behave like a Roman should be your watchword when in a strange land. Just like you’re learning about the weather of the country, you should learn something about their traditions and cultures. This will help you be in sync with the environment, respect the residents, and make friends naturally. 

If you’re visiting your lover’s country, this is an opportunity for you to show how interested you are in what they do and where they come from.  

Show your eagerness to see the wonderful things about their country, learn about their culture, pick some basic words in their language (if it’s different), and mingle with their people. You’ll sure make them grin from ear to ear during the getaway. 

  • Prepare for the D-day

After all that has been said, you need to prepare ahead for D-day. First, ensure all preparations are set a day before. Then get relaxed as much as possible. There’s a tendency to feel tense when bringing the ring and kneeling. Then, practice before time to avoid doing it the wrong way. 

Remember to capture the moments of the proposal. This is a way you immortalize the unforgettable moment when your girlfriend agreed to spend forever with you. 

Final Thought

Planning a destination proposal can be overwhelming when there’s no guide to follow. But in this article, you have the perfect guide to make the moment and period memorable for you and your lover. 

Now it’s time to get planning. 

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