The Perfect Way To Transport Your Beloved Prestige Vehicle

You’ve worked hard all those years to be able to own your very own prestige vehicle or maybe a collectable that you’ve been working on all those years and now you must relocate it to a new home. You put your hard-earned cash towards it and cherish it with your whole heart and soul. Of course, you value your car, and you want it safe and well-handled. You should compare reputable car transport companies when transporting a collectable or expensive car.

You should not only choose a company that can meet your transport needs, but also one that you trust to transport your car. A specialist who has a very niche profile and expertise in luxury car transport. There are many options for car transport in Australia. However, not all of them can transport rare or prestige cars such as antiques and collector cars. Many car carriers aren’t built for to carry the low-profile suspension of sports cars for example.

What’s the best method?

Safety is the main concern when transporting luxury vehicles. Enclosed car transport will give you complete security. Your vehicle will be completely protected and transported inside a truck custom enclosed trailer. It will protect your vehicle from road debris, hail, snow, stones chips, rain and any other outside elements that may cause damage to the vehicle while in transit. This will keep your most prized possession private and secure and of course out of sight from any opportunist.

It might be worth paying extra to transport your prestige car in an enclosed vehicle. Many people would agree that it is essential for transporting such a valuable possession.

What is the cost of an enclosed car transport service?

For the extra peace of mind, knowing that your car would be handled with car and transported by itself or at most with another. You expect the price of an enclosed car transport service will typically cost twice or three times more than an open car carrier.  Car Carrier platform says on average it costs 45 cents a kilometer on average for car transport and enclosed car transport may run between 90 and $1.35 per KM. However, many enclosed car carriers will quote a fixed price for the longer distance journeys.

Is experience essential?

It’s important to find a company with a great deal of experience in moving high-end vehicles. Compare quotes from several companies to compare costs and the services offered by each company. It is important to choose a trusted business look at reviews and gain confidence in the transporter who will be servicing you and helping you transport your vehicle with extreme attention to details and care to its destination.

Before handing your Vehicle over the Car Carrier

We recommend that you take the following steps before you sign over your vehicle to your car carrier company as this will ensure smooth transportation.

  • Inspect your vehicle and note any damage. Full pictures on all 4 sides and time stamped to ensure you have proof of the condition of the vehicle before handover. The interior is just as important, as the company will need to have access to your keys to drive on and off the deck. If possible, cover the interior seats with a sheet of plastic.
  • Get insurance cover and make sure it is up to date and not expired. It is important to always have insurance on your car and especially if it is a vintage, antique, custom or prestige car. Cars of such high value need to be insured and be sure that you are covered while it is being transported by a third party. If in doubt, call the insurance company before you even think about hiring a car transporter.
  • Remove personal effects and ensure any valuable or sensitive items and documents are not left in the car. Most companies will remind you however to ensure you take anything valuable out just to be clear and advise that any items left behind will not be covered for.
  • Check your club permit is valid wherever you are moving to. If this applies to you, generally each state has their own club registrations and making sure your club permit in registered state is still valid will ensure you are still able to go for a drive when you arrive.

Getting your beloved prestige vehicle transported is easy once you have all your ducks lined up in a row, so for the extra piece of mind choosing an enclosed carrier simply makes sense a good place to get quotes is Melbourne Car Transporters,

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