The phenomenon of TikTok’s popularity

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In 2018, the social network TikTok was downloaded to mobile devices more than 45 million times. Thus, the Chinese app has become the absolute record-breaker in terms of popularity among young people. Many users of the clip making platform are interested in how to make video effects in TikTok, and how to properly use the video editor in TikTok. Such numerous searches make the social network even more in high demand. But why does the portal have such a high rating? Let’s figure this question out together.

What is TikTok?

TikTok is a social network that was developed by the Chinese company Douyin. This name belonged to the platform at the time of its creation. Until 2017-2018, it was popular exclusively in Asian countries. But at this time, several companies merged, and the and TikTok services became one.By the way, the project was very popular with users from Europe. The main audience is young people under 25, who prefer to create interesting videos with various unique features. Top bloggers use TikTok to prepare interesting content, so today the question is more relevant than ever: how to make videos in TikTok popular and how to buy tiktok followers.

Aggressive advertising in Tik Tok, effects and masks have made the app the most recognizable. Today, the portal has about 500 million registered accounts that publish mini-movies at least once a day.

Features of the app

Once the app is downloaded to your smartphone or tablet, you will need to register. You can use your phone number or email address to do this. You can also use your username and password from other social networks, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google.

In the next step, you can find the answer how to dance in Tik Tok by going to the “recommended” tab. This section displays the most popular publications with the maximum number of likes and comments. If you are interested in running a popular video blog, this tab is able to help you analyze trending trends.

While using the portal and subscribing to popular accounts, the “subscriptions” section will display the newsfeed of the people you are following. Users can synchronize their contacts from social networks and phone book using a special button for this purpose.

The interface is similar to the popular platform Instagram, so for its users the internal functionality will be intuitive. Through the search bar, you can find other profiles, music, hashtags. To add your video, click on the “add” icon.Communication between people can take place through private messages or comments. The settings contain many useful and unique features that help make being in TikTok fun.

Features of the Chinese app for clipmakers

The main function of the social network is to upload their videos from the memory of the device or to record in real time. The user can add several clips at once, while supplementing them with internal filters, effects, masks. With the “timer” icon you have the ability to slow down or speed up the playback of the mini-movie.

The second most popular “feature” is adding a soundtrack to the video. This can be tracked from the application itself or the media library of the phone. The list of songs is equipped with a convenient filter, such as search by genre, artist, and popularity. A lot of bloggers appreciate the platform for the presence of a huge number of special effects, filters. It is possible to place them in the right place using a special slider.

After publishing a post, there is an opportunity to “share” the video to other sites, YouTube and Instagram.

Strengths and weaknesses of the social network

The advantages of Tik Tok are:

  1. A quality platform for realizing one’s creative potential;
  2. a huge range of tools – music tracks, special effects, masks;
  3. excellent video editor;
  4. integration into popular social networks;
  5. the ability to install the app to all types of mobile devices;
  6. a great way to generate income.

The disadvantage is that the service drags a person for several hours. The time spent in TikTok flies by unnoticed.

Why is the service so in high demand among young people?

The popularity of the social network for clipmakers is due to the large-scale advertising campaign conducted by the owners of the application. The main target audience is young bloggers who have transferred their lives to the virtual plane. Today, many bloggers get a good income from advertising in social networks.

Users, coming to the accounts with a large number of subscribers, are interested in the content posted. Therefore, seeing a roller with a recommendation, many people will give advice and take advantage of the offer. This is the basis of prospective cooperation in TikTok.

To get on the top list, the account must have many followers and be active, that is, regularly updating content that collects likes and comments. You can save time on page promotion by buying TikTok subscribers, likes, views and comments through a specialized service Thus, in a short period of time and at low cost, you can be in the “recommended” tab. This is an excellent start for economically in-demand blogging, especially in the popular TikTok app.

The social portal TikTok, which is designed to publish unique content, is now at the peak of popularity among young people. Registering here means not only realizing your creative potential, but also trying your hand at conquering the virtual advertising business.

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