The Physical and Mental Health Benefits of Outdoor Cycling

Though all exercises are beneficial to health, there are special forms that are good for building positive mental health. It has been proven by lots of studies that a combination of exercise and outdoor exposure works wonders for a person’s emotional and mental health. In some cases, this is even used in managing stress, depression, and anxiety. Cycling is a highly engaging and energetic activity that offers the benefits highlighted above. It is rhythmic,  aerobic, and low impact thus has brain-boosting effects. Owning an electric bike is easy and convenient, and the vehicles represent means of transportation for city dwellers. You can integrate cycling into your daily routines by commuting daily to work or the store for groceries. This helps you save time, avoid traffic while maintaining fitness. This article focuses on the physical and mental health benefits of cycling. Try a KBO electric bicycle to keep your body in great shape.

Cycling for positive mental health

If you are looking for physical activities to improve your focus, concentration, and general mental well-being, cycling would easily rank highly on any list. This is due to the numerous wondrous benefits of this exercise on your body and mind while riding. Below are a few of the advantages of cycling for positive mental health.

  • It improves the mood

Bikers have a term called the “cycling high”, quite similar to the “runner’s high”, and this occurs because blood pumps around the body at a faster rate. So, there is a rapid spread of endorphins and other neurotransmitters, such as norepinephrine, serotonin, and dopamine. These chemicals are released in the brain during physical activities like cycling and play a vital role in improving a person’s mood.

  • It boasts positive mental health.

If you have any issues with self-esteem, depression, stress, and anxiety, cycling has been shown to work effectively because it increases the rate of blood flow around the body, and to the brain in particular. So, you can maintain fitness and grind through these stressful times with regular rides.

  • Cycling improves the quality of sleep

It is advisable to ride consistently, as this helps in synchronizing your circadian rhythm and reducing stress hormones, which might make it difficult to sleep deep and sound. Creating a consistent riding habit is key to improving the quality of your sleep.

  • Makes the memory sharper

Another benefit of regular cycling is that it helps in building new brain cells that are responsible for memory. So, you might finally get an A on that Math quiz. You just have to cycle long and hard enough.

  • Boosts your creative thinking

As an activity, cycling has a uniform rhythm, making it effective in relaxing the brain. So, cycling is good for stabilizing your physical and mental function. It promotes the formation of new thought patterns that ensure a sense of calm and well-being. You can even choose this as your way of zoning out or meditation.

N.B: Focus on the actions, leg movements, rhythm of breathing, and the wind on your face. Emphasizing these physical sensations would slowly but surely help in clearing your mind.

  • Improves your sexual functioning

The muscles used in riding are key in bedroom activities. Therefore, frequent cycling exercises could help spice up your love life.

 Effects of biking on the brain

In the same way, cycling grows the muscles, it grows your brain. When carrying out the activity, blood flow to the brain increases, thus bringing more oxygen and nutrients which improve its performance. Certain proteins are useful in creating new brain cells and are produced two or threefold after cycling. It awakens the different regions of the brain and helps them communicate more effectively. Even for aging individuals, cycling prevents the natural decline of brain function. All these benefits show why going on regular rides would do your mental health a world of good.

Social benefits of cycling

Asides from the health benefits of cycling, it is a lot more fun to meet other cyclists. If you ride alone, you can join a group of other bikers to create memories. When in the company of people, you tend to let loose faster and can even make meaningful connections. Therefore, you can plan fun picnics and other events with your other bikers, or engage in challenges to push the limits. In essence, interacting with others brings a human touch to cycling, making it a more enjoyable experience. This might be the change you’ve always wanted.

Regular sessions give great results

Based on various research, it is proven that 30 to 60 minutes of steady riding at a consistent pace provides a good balance and offers excellent results. Instead of riding once in a while, it is best to create a cycling plan. A heart rate that is 75% of the maximum is ideal while riding. Though, bikers make their cycling plans around their day-to-day routines, getting in three to five sessions a week is highly beneficial to their health. If you want to achieve the mental and physical benefits highlighted in this article, you should try to ride regularly.


Many erroneously think cycling is only a physical activity. However, anyone who has owned a commuter bike can attest to the mental benefits that it gives. If you have any problems on your mind, you can go for a ride to clear your head. After enjoying the wind on your face and focusing on the rhythm of your movements, you get absorbed in the moment and let go. Therefore, we advise that you integrate cycling into your daily routine to be the best version of yourself. The bikes in the KBO collection are just right to get you started.

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