The Power of Art and Entrepreneurship: Mike Lin’s Story of Innovation and Social Impact

Art and entrepreneurship have long been thought of as two separate fields, but in the modern world, they have started to intersect in interesting ways. One entrepreneur who is making waves in the art world is Mike Lin. Lin is the Founder & CEO of T-Shirts Matter, a dis’ruptive merch company for social good inspired by Obey Giant & Banksy. Mike is a huge fan of theApple commercial ‘The Crazy Ones.’ In addition to T-Shirts Matter, Lin is now moving into the world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) by including Banksy.

The craze of transforming mundane objects into blockchain-based non-fungible tokens (NFTs) has reached new heights of absurdity! We’ve entered an age where people eagerly trade NFTs of their favorite artworks, and the metaverse is all the rage. As if that wasn’t wild enough, owning digital assets is now considered hip and happening! Is this the future we imagined?

Lin’s NFT Collection Illuminates Banksy’s Artwork Amidst Lowered Ethereum Gas Fees

Lin’s latest project involves creating an NFT collection that illuminates Banksy’s works. Banksy is known for his anonymity and lack of intellectual property rights, and his artwork has fallen into the public domain. Lin has taken advantage of this fact and legally sells NFTs of Banksy’s works.

Lin is uploading BanksyNFTs on OpenSea, the largest NFT platform using Ethereum cryptocurrency. 

From HTML to UI Design

Lin’s entrepreneurial journey started in 1995 when he taught himself to develop websites and code HTML. He designed the first Vans Warped Tour website in 1996 and created the X Games Volunteers site in 1999, which would pay off with a VIP pass to the games some years later. In 2000, he designed the Green Day website and met the band in their East Bay studio while they were recording their ‘Warning’ album. After working at Yahoo from 2002-2006, he worked as a User Experience designer at LinkedIn between 2006-2010.

Becoming an entrepreneur is a journey; no two people travel this path the same way. Some people breeze through the process, arriving at their destination of success in weeks after putting their great plan into action. Others move more slowly, devoting their entire lives to honing their craft over several decades. Others begin their careers immediately after graduating high school, while others spend years earning a master’s degree in business from an accredited university. Whatever your path, embracing your journey and learning from your successes and failures is important.

The Secret to Mike Lin’s Success: Embracing Failure and Always Striving for Improvement

Lin is a serial entrepreneur who has taught himself various necessary skills. He began by teaching himself how to develop websites and code HTML. Over time, he has learned various other skills, such as UI design, marketing, and product development. To become an entrepreneur, you must teach yourself the necessary skills to succeed. This might involve taking online courses, attending workshops, or learning from other entrepreneurs.

Mike Lin is always ahead of the curve and never content to settle for what he has. This is a critical mindset if you want to succeed as an entrepreneur. You must constantly push yourself to try new things and take risks. You must be willing to fail and learn from your mistakes. And you must always be looking for ways to improve your product or service and stay ahead of the competition.

Interested Banksy NFT collectors can purchase Banksy NFTs at:

For information about the Banksy NFT launch & to hear Kat Siggers read an article read by Tim Lince from World Trademark Review about why this Banksy NFT launch is legit & legal please watch this YouTube video:

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