The Power of B2B SMS Marketing: How to Leverage Text Messages and Build Successful Campaigns

The initial goal of any marketing campaign is to reach the maximum ROI. But determining the most effective channels and means of achieving the set goals can be a challenging task. Since every campaign is different, the approaches and promotional methods tend to vary in cost and efficiency. While some choose to utilize the services offered by the platform for digital marketers, others turn to in-house solutions to stay in control of their marketing efforts. After all, it is all about a high ROI.

In a standard scenario, marketers work towards establishing trust and loyalty with clients, and as a result, increasing conversions. But what about B2B businesses and their marketing efforts? While B2C and B2B have a lot in common, driving long-term business clients requires a more personal approach, which primarily implies being helpful, practical, and productive. Therefore, any B2B marketing strategy requires using the most user-friendly and easily accessible communication channels like SMS, for example. 

Why SMS Is Suitable and Effective for B2B Companies

When it comes to utilizing SMS, it is crucial to consider all the benefits it offers before making a snap judgment and giving up this channel. What is even more critical is that appealing to other businesses requires a different approach. In other words, you will be expected to help, answer their questions, inspire, and provide valuable industry insights. And with the sky-high SMS opening rates, it is hardly possible to find a more productive communication channel.

Naturally, shaping your messages right is a demanding task. Apart from making them personalized, they should be short, specific, informative, and also motivate businesses to take action when needed. While it might seem like a complicated task, this channel provides the opportunity to offer value and communicate your brand effectively. You can use an email to SMS gateway for easy messaging. If done right, it will prove worthy and help you build strong business relations, establish brand recognition, and attract more business buyers.

Utilizing the Potential of SMS Marketing in B2B Campaigns

In a nutshell, B2B SMS campaigns are not about promotional codes or short-term offers. They are about relevant and valuable information that engages your business contacts and helps them make buying decisions. Regardless of the fact that the SMS channel can be considered old news, it is one of the most personal and interactive options that can come in handy for B2B businesses. Besides, many companies and individual users find texting to be a less time-consuming but more convenient form of communication than phone calls. However, it does not mean that your business should abandon phone calls and turn to SMS as the main lead generating method. On the contrary, it is an excellent opportunity to use both and make the most of your marketing efforts.

Along with analytics for phone calls, your company can benefit from SMS marketing and the opportunities it provides. Apart from being a handy tool for identifying new business prospects and contacting them, it is also a powerful instrument for nurturing and engaging cold leads. This way, you can significantly boost your ROI and shorten your sales cycle.

Building a Marketing List for Your Campaigns

Before working on B2B campaigns or making a list, for that matter, it is paramount for any company to receive permission from the business prospects to contact them via text messages. You can risk reaching out without permission, but these actions will be considered illegal and punished accordingly. 

As for the list building for SMS campaigns, it is a lot like building it for your email marketing efforts. In other words, it requires a lot of time, effort, and patience. Here is a list of options to simplify the task and help you get it done fast.  

Use website forms to collect essential information along with a phone number. But bear in mind that you should state your intentions clearly. In other words, you need to explain that by sharing the phone number, a person authorizes all further communication to go through text messages. 

Use webinars and other marketing materials to build your marketing list. It is a common practice to collect user information in exchange for unique industry insights, infographics, free webinars, or e-books. In this case, you can also segment your prospects depending on the topic of the marketing material.

The Bottom Line

Today, it is not uncommon to opt-in rather than opt-out of the SMS subscription. And the reason is simple. For clients, it is a less intrusive communication channel. For businesses, it is a handy communication tool that often performs much better than email marketing campaigns. By combining SMS campaigns with email marketing and phone calls, companies can gain a marketing advantage and a competitive edge without difficulty.

Naturally, it is not exclusively used by B2B companies. However, it is a perfect communication tool. It can be extraordinarily efficient when contacting other businesses in real-time, informing them about the current opportunities or deals they specifically might benefit from, or sharing valuable industry insights. Besides, text messaging is more relevant than ever in times of pandemic, when the audience preferences keep changing drastically.

At the end of the day, testing and experimenting with marketing channels is essential to evolve and grow as a business. While there is no guarantee that text messaging is the best option for you, it can prove productive, help you improve communication strategies, and add additional tools to make your business stand out.

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