The Power of Positive Thinking, the Placebo Effect, and Yoni Eggs

Nowadays we understand that maintaining one’s personal health consists of not just attending to your physical needs, but one’s mental, spiritual, and social needs too.

Holistic Approach To Health: Now More Important Than Ever

The past year of the global pandemic has brought into sharp relief the importance of having an integrated, holistic approach to health. You might be in good physical shape, but if you’re in lockdown and can’t go visit your friends and family (social health), then your mental health will start to suffer. 

Ideally one needs to attend to all of our health needs simultaneously, constantly striving for balance on a daily basis in an attempt to cope with the demands of the modern world. 

With that in mind, it’s interesting to explore the idea of positive thinking insofar as how it relates to one’s state of mind (mental), and how one’s spiritual wellbeing can then be positively influenced. And what that looks like if one’s overwhelmingly positive spiritual and mental attitudes produce ‘results’ for you that might fly in the face of traditional medicine. 

This is where the concept of the ‘placebo effect’ presents itself as a paradox – an apparent contradiction – as we grapple with logic-defying results stemming from your positive mental and spiritual attitude.

What Is The Placebo Effect?

In medical terms, the ‘placebo effect’ is caused by one’s expectations of feeling better. You believe that by taking aspirin your headache will go away. Your ritual of reaching into the medicine cabinet at night and taking a headache tablet intentionally ‘fools’ your brain into thinking that whatever you are taking will work. 

Mistakenly you take another pill one evening though – let’s say a sugar pill, or your children’s fluoride tablet. Your headache still goes away. Sugar or fluoride is not what’s made your headache go away. The power of your positive thinking has created a placebo effect. And while medical experts acknowledge the power of the placebo effect, it still leaves them baffled.

Perhaps this is because scientific verification needs to be measured and then integrated into a holistic health approach –  and not the other way round.

The Power Of Positive Thinking

Yoni eggs are a good example of the triumph of positive thinking in the absence of empirical evidence. They are egg-shaped, crystal balls (quartz or jade usually) that are inserted into a vagina as a means to balance hormones, ease menstrual cramps, and increase one’s libido.

The use of crystals in medicine is nothing new (the Chinese have been using them for centuries), but it has enjoyed a resurgence in Western culture thanks in part to a healthy distrust of modern medicine that is cash and outcomes-driven – often treating the symptom and not getting to the cause.

Most people in their lifetime will have bathed a crystal by moonlight so as to dissuade bad dreams. Or carried a gemstone pendant around their neck to ward off evil spirits. 

The naïve well-meaning and positive intention that comes from engaging in this yoni exercise is what, perhaps, sets off a placebo effect. And if so, does it matter? 

The Power Of Yoni Eggs

The power of yoni eggs has been shown to be of great spiritual benefit to those who have chosen to engage with them. It’s all about learning to love yourself by engaging with a part of your body that might otherwise remain neglected. This can lead to new levels of personal happiness in life, and harmony with the world around you, that can’t be proven or disproven by medical exams. The proof is in the pudding, as the saying goes. But the scientific community may not want you to be eating pudding to begin with!

The Spiritual Opportunities 

Consider the benefits of each of the following yoni eggs, and then simultaneously consider if these aren’t areas in your life that you may wish to bring attention to: 

  • Carnelian ~Sun Stone, invoking the fire of courage and personal leadership.
  •  Rose quartz ~ connected to the Heart Chakra, circulates love.
  • Jade ~ stimulates dreams and creativity.
  • Black obsidian ~ connected to the Root Chakra, facilitates emotional grounding.
  • Amethyst ~ used to treat alcohol addiction, increases mental clarity.

Yoni eggs offer a wide variety of opportunities and occasions for the practice of positive thinking. Intention is what fuels our journey on the path to wellness. We first articulate our intention and then set about becoming that intention. The only contradiction that becomes apparent is when we stop believing in ourselves and the power of our positive thinking.

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