The Pros and Cons of Buying the Apple AirTag

Since their highly-anticipated launch, Apple AirTag devices have taken the market by storm, promising to revolutionize the way we keep track of our belongings. Designed to seamlessly integrate with the Apple ecosystem, AirTags offers a host of exciting features that promise to make lost keys, bags, and other essentials a thing of the past. However, like any innovation, they come with their own set of advantages and limitations. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the pros and cons of Apple AirTags, shedding light on their potential to be the ultimate tracking solution while considering the privacy concerns and other factors that warrant cautious consideration. Whether you’re an Apple enthusiast eager to harness the power of AirTags or a curious tech aficionado, let’s explore the exciting world of Apple AirTags together!

AirTag and its Benefits

For international adventurers, the Apple AirTag has been a blessing. Priced affordably at just under thirty dollars per tag (and even cheaper when purchased in a bundle of four), this small but powerful device empowers its owner to track not only the AirTag itself but also the precious items it’s attached to, no matter where in the world they may be.

Operating seamlessly through Apple’s expansive Find My network, the AirTag harnesses the collective power of millions of Apple devices scattered across the globe, ensuring unparalleled tracking accuracy for your belongings. The mechanism is elegantly simple yet utterly groundbreaking: whenever an AirTag enters the proximity of an Apple device connected to the Find My network, such as an iPhone, the device transmits the location information back to Apple’s servers, which then relay the data back to the AirTag’s owner.

Embrace the convenience of staying in the know about your items’ whereabouts, even when you’re hundreds or thousands of miles away from them. With nearly every Apple device automatically connected to the Find My network, you can enjoy real-time updates on the location of your belongings like never before.

Compact yet mighty, the Apple AirTag boasts remarkable longevity despite its diminutive size, powered by a small CR2032 button cell battery that can last nearly a full year. When the battery finally depletes, fear not! Recharging the AirTag is a breeze—simply twist it open, replace the battery, twist it shut, and voilà! You’re all set for another year of seamless tracking. If only all gadgets were this user-friendly!

Among the AirTag’s arsenal of impressive features, Precision Finding stands out as a true game-changer. Compatible with Apple devices equipped with an ultra-wideband chip (such as any iPhone 11 or newer, except for the SE model), Precision Finding elevates tracking to an entirely new level. Instead of merely providing general GPS coordinates, this technology employs a masterful fusion of cutting-edge inputs like the camera, Bluetooth, ARKit, accelerometer, and gyroscope. The result? An unparalleled ability to pinpoint the exact distance and direction of the AirTag from your current location.

As you close in on your sought-after item, your iPhone will further assist you by vibrating when you come within a mere two feet of the AirTag’s location. With Precision Finding at your disposal, the days of endlessly searching for lost items are over, replaced by an intuitive and immersive tracking experience that keeps you in the know at all times.

AirTag Limitations

Undoubtedly, the AirTag stands as an exceptionally useful device; however, it’s not without its share of caveats. First and foremost, like many products in Apple’s lineup, there exists a cunning upsell tactic at play. In order for it to work, you need to activate it using an iPhone or an iPad. For those who have been Android users their entire lives, this may be a problem. 

Also, while the AirTag proves to be an invaluable tool for tracking lost or misplaced items, it’s essential to understand its intended purpose. Apple designed the AirTag to help you find your belongings, not as an official means to recover stolen property. As a result, there’s a potential downside: if someone steals your possessions with an attached AirTag, they may become aware that their whereabouts are being tracked.

To mitigate privacy concerns, the AirTag emits periodic beeps when it moves away from its owner’s vicinity, alerting iPhone users nearby that a tracking device is in their proximity. This decision allows Apple to strike a balance between providing valuable tracking functionality and respecting user privacy. However, it also means that Apple cannot distinguish between an AirTag traveling with an unsuspecting stalking victim or a thief, leading to this tradeoff in privacy implementation.

In response to growing public concern over the misuse of AirTags, Apple has taken steps to offer limited Android support. The development of the Tracker Detect app enables Android users to locate AirTags, albeit with a manual check for their presence. Unlike the passive detection capabilities on an iPhone, the Android app requires active participation from the user.

Yet, exciting changes may be on the horizon for Android users, as reports suggest Google plans to incorporate an “unfamiliar tag detection” feature directly into Android. If implemented, this feature would offer a more seamless and automatic way to detect tracking devices like AirTags, further expanding the accessibility and functionality of this innovative technology.


The Apple AirTag undoubtedly represents a leap forward in tracking technology, offering unparalleled convenience for those seeking to keep tabs on their belongings. Its compact design, long-lasting battery, and integration with the Find My network make it a reliable companion for international travelers and everyday users alike. However, it is crucial to be aware of the device’s limitations, particularly its intended purpose and potential privacy tradeoffs.

While the AirTag may not be officially intended for tracking stolen property, it excels in assisting users in locating misplaced items. With regular updates and precision finding capabilities, you can rest assured that your valuables remain within reach, no matter where you are in the world.

For those eager to embrace this innovative technology, you can buy the Apple AirTag online at digiDirect or any reputable stores online. By harnessing the power of the AirTag, you can bid farewell to the days of frantic searching and lost belongings, enjoying a newfound sense of ease and security in your daily life. So why wait? Take the leap into the future of tracking and embark on a journey of unparalleled convenience with the Apple AirTag. Happy tracking!

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