The reason blockchain technology can lead to a better future

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Technology will always disrupt and change the way we do things. Since ancient times, technology has brought change – be it the first tools and weapons or even the fire – technology is synonymous to change. And blockchain is here to change our ways to a better future.

Blockchain goes beyond buying and trading cryptocurrencies. It goes way beyond futures trading at platforms like FTX, Binance or Bitlevex – the applications go beyond the mere intention of making a profit. 

Here you have a review and analysis on how blockchain technology will disrupt the world as we know it, and potentially, bring us a better future. Let’s find out.

Transparency and Honesty

You cannot lie on the blockchain – everything is recorded and cannot be altered. Be it transactions or the authorship of creations like NFTs. What is recorded in the blockchain is there to stay, and that’s an excellent feature that we can exploit for a better future.

Furthermore, thanks to the type of encryption it uses, we can always verify the sender of the message, transaction or action. None can lie when using the blockchain.

Could you imagine registering all the government transactions in the blockchain? We could see how the tax money is being used, and hence, detect any case of corruption early with undeniable proof. This would do wonders for the way we administer taxpayer funds, and evidently, this could help us to direct that money to the projects that matter the most.

The same goes for the way we handle elections. We’ve had several cases of fraud in elections all around the world, but could we have the same if we could record every single vote in the blockchain? We’d know exactly how many votes each candidate got, along with direct proof of the people that voted, along with other critical data to verify the authenticity and fairness of every election process.

The blockchain tech would protect and empower the people – since we would know exactly what is happening inside the State, to bring us all a real sense of power, and finally, a way to bring change to our societies. 


Thanks to the blockchain of cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Solana, companies and governments can develop all sorts of apps that can process information in a much faster, efficient and transparent way.

Instead of relying on old tech or cloud tech, blockchains can process information in a more reliable, efficient, and on-demand way. Furthermore, projects like ChainLink can share data between different blockchains, taking down barriers for the processes to take place. Any sort of process, blockchain tech can help.

New Products for All Industries

The different blockchains – ETH, SOL, DOT, XML, etc. – have been designed so that anyone can develop an app on it. We’ve already seen this with DeFi (Decentralized Finance), banking, gaming, gambling, amongst other industries. We can already see it in logistics with the help of projects like CargoX, and we’re sure that the list will keep growing.

Imagine all the great things blockchain tech can do for key industries like health, finance, banking, security, logistics, etc. 

Therefore, we will see how blockchain tech will disrupt all industries, and therefore, bring us the customers better, more efficient services and products.

Final Words

As you can see, blockchain tech is here to stay and it will be responsible for leading a brighter, better future for all of our societies around the world. What other uses do you think will help blockchain tech to improve our world? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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