The rise of virtual brand ambassadors & their effect on customer service

We are in the digital era of retail. Everything is just one click away from being at your doorstep in no time. So, it is high time that your customer service reflects the same amount of visualization and responsiveness. 

Innovation is no longer an experiment with a brand. It is more of a necessity now. So when it comes to innovating the shopping experience and customer service, not much has been done in recent years. But this is about to change.

Introducing virtual brand ambassadors!

Not to be confused with virtual brand influencers, virtual brand ambassadors will forever change how a customer interacts with a business.

What are virtual brand ambassadors?

Virtual brand ambassadors are the new age of customer engagement. From providing every customer with a personal shopper to interactive customer support, a virtual brand ambassador does it all. It is a better version of a virtual assistant. We will go as far as calling it a better version of your best employee. 

In the post-pandemic world, where being contactless is a necessity, people are missing the human touch that connects them to a brand and its offerings. A virtual brand ambassador brings back that lost connection in a broader and better way. 

There are many ways to deploy a virtual brand ambassador. It suits all business models like brick-and-mortar, mobile applications, or online stores. A virtual brand ambassador brings the best that the brand offers and educates customers in the best way possible. The deployment can be done through QR codes on product packaging or at the store. Moreover, it can be integrated with your mobile application or brand’s website. 

The new era of customer service

It understands your brand and helps your customer have the best experience regarding quick response, accurate information, and personalization. A virtual brand ambassador strives to create a new immersive experience for customers. 

Time is a crucial commodity for customers and businesses alike. Virtual brand ambassadors can help resolve customer queries in a more timely manner and more efficiently than customer support agents. It has answers to all customer questions and provides them with all sorts of solutions and offerings best suited to their issues.  

Benefits of having virtual brand ambassadors

With so much said, a virtual brand ambassador brings a lot to the table with its impressive advantages for a business. It streamlines and elevates the customer experience and makes the most out of a single customer interaction with the brand.

It does much more than that, so here are the benefits of onboarding virtual brand ambassadors.

  • Increased sales: By offering the best of a brand, a virtual brand ambassador can hugely affect your sales. It also works as a salesperson cum personal shopper, providing customers with a unique shopping experience. 
  • Cost-effective: As a brand grows, the operational cost also increases. It often leads to a cut in profits, which is never good for business. An increase in sales increases the burden on the customer support team, thus, the need for more employees on the payroll. With a virtual brand ambassador, you can easily cut down on that cost, as it functions very well as a customer service executive.
  • Time efficient: For every question, a virtual brand ambassador has multiple answers, unlike a customer support executive, who can focus on only one customer at a time. Virtual brand ambassadors can handle multiple customer queries at the same time. 
  • Personalization: Personalisation is something customers always look for in a brand. But, providing it is a huge commitment from a business’s point of view. A virtual brand ambassador makes it possible without any extra cost. 


A virtual brand ambassador can be the next big thing for your brand. It comes with various features that help in every aspect of a business. With notable features and easy implementations, it can be your most trusted and efficient employee in no time. 

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