The Risks Of Driving Your Car In The Summer Heat

Everyone loves to enjoy a bit of summer after the cold winter season. But, sometimes the heat during the summer season can become unbearable – not only for you but also for your vehicle as well. Summer heatwaves can massively impact your car’s components, functioning & performance. This is because some parts of your car will be highly vulnerable to such increased temperatures. 

Therefore, in this comprehensive blog post, we’ll be going through some of the essential tips & tricks that you can utilise to avoid such issues. And if those don’t work, then it’s time to maybe scrap your vehicle at professional car wreckers in Auckland.

The Various Risks Of Riding Your Vehicle In The Summer Heat (And Tips How To Solve Them)

  1. Breakdown Of Your Vehicle Tyres

Intense summer heat and rubber never go hand in hand, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise to know that summer heat will drastically affect your tyres, for the worse. You can expect your tyres to become dry and thereby blow out in the middle of road journeys, especially if you don’t maintain proper tyre pressure. 

Solution: Always check your tyre pressure when you head out with your vehicle, on the road, during the prime summer season. 

  1. Breakdown Of Your Car Battery

The battery of your car is one of the most crucial components and during the summer heat, it’s also one of the easiest components to break down. A car battery generally contains a liquid mixture of water & acid and since the battery already produces its heat when you use your vehicle, the addition of summer heat will only make the situation worse.

As a result, the water inside the battery starts evaporating and when the liquid levels inside the battery get low, the internal plates get exposed and thereby the battery cells get damaged. A battery with damaged cells will always produce less voltage, ultimately risking a breakdown and leaving you stranded in the middle of the road. 

Solution: If you have an old car, then the batteries will need some topping. This can be done by simply removing the cap of the battery and then topping it with distilled & deionised water. In case you’re not experienced enough to do the aforementioned task, then you can simply take your vehicle to your nearest car repair shop and let the mechanic do the same. If the above-mentioned solution doesn’t work, then you have to replace your car battery altogether. 

  1. Breakdown Of Your Engine Oil

In hot temperatures, your vehicle engine will consume more oil, meaning you have to be extra vigilant about oil changes and levels during the summer season. 

Solution: Frequent oil changes and top-ups will help your vehicle run smoother.

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