The Role of Disability Insurance Claims Attorneys in Securing Your Benefits

If you are trying to navigate the formidable process of filing a disability claim, experienced disability insurance attorneys are extremely helpful. A Philadelphia disability lawyer can play a crucial role in assisting you as you pursue the financial support you need in order to live with a disability that has disrupted your life.

What is a Disability Claim?

Before we explore the role a disability attorney plays in helping you get benefits, it is important to understand exactly what a disability claim is. Disability claims are generally filed by people who, due to mental or physical impairments, are unable to work. These disabilities can occur in multiple ways, such as genetic conditions, chronic illnesses, or accidents. In order to be eligible for disability benefits, claimants have to meet specific benchmarks set forth by various government programs, such as Supplemental Security Income or Social Security Disability Insurance in the United States.

Why Are Disability Claims So Complex?

Disability claims are infamously complicated. The application process alone is often frustrating and overwhelming for claimants, involving a labyrinth of medical documentation, official paperwork, and inflexible eligibility standards. Additionally, the approval rate for disability claims in the United States is vexingly low since every claim is approached with the assumption that it is fraudulent. In 2020, the Social Security Administration’s approval rate for Social Security disability claims was an abysmal 22%, highlighting the litany of obstacles applicants face.

The apparent need for this dog and pony show stems from multiple factors, such as proving the severity of a claimed disability, how long the claimant has been impaired, and how much of an effect it really has on their ability to earn a living. As a result, most people who apply for disability benefits so they can enjoy luxuries such as paying rent and buying groceries instead find themselves out in the cold, facing a long and arduous uphill battle. 

What is the Role of a Philadelphia Disability Attorney?

A reputable disability attorney can be an invaluable advocate for anyone who is trying to navigate the intricate and demanding disability claims process.

Some of the ways in which they aid their clients include:   

Eligibility and Assessment

A disability attorney will start by assessing your case. They can help you understand whether or not you meet the eligibility standards for receiving disability benefits, taking into account various factors such as your work history and the severity of your disability. This preliminary review is important because it saves you from wasting the time and effort it takes to apply if your case does not even meet the criteria.

Assistance With Your Application 

Once you pass the assessment, you will need to fill out a disability application; a task as intimidating as it is Herculean in scope. To properly complete the application, you will need to gather and submit myriad forms, medical documents, and other official paperwork. A disability lawyer can assist you in ensuring these forms are completed accurately and in such a way that maximizes your odds of approval. Their advice can keep you from making common mistakes that often result in applications being rejected. 

The Collection of Medical Evidence 

Arguably, one of the most vital elements of a disability claim is supplying a considerable amount of medical evidence that supports your case. A disability attorney will work closely with your medical providers to procure all required medical records, and make sure that they effectively illustrate the duration and severity of your disability.

Guiding You Through the Appeals Process

Unsurprisingly, the vast majority of disability claims are rejected. A qualified disability attorney will have a thorough knowledge of the appeals process and be able to offer crucial support when your claim is denied. They can help you understand your options, collect additional relevant evidence, and represent you at your appeal hearing.

Maximizing Disability Benefits

Your disability lawyer will work hard to maximize the benefits you are eligible to receive. They know the nuances of the disability program and can help you access every benefit for which you are eligible. This includes Medicaid or Medicare coverage and retroactive payments.  

Help Mitigate Stress

Dealing with the claims process while living with a disability is physically and emotionally draining. Your disability lawyer can offer emotional support and mitigate your anxiety related to the claims process. Knowing that an experienced legal advocate is handling your case can bring you some small measure of peace. 

Higher Chance of Being Approved

Recent statistics have shown that claimants who work with an experienced disability attorney during the claims process are more likely to have their claims approved. Your lawyer will know the various subtleties and requirements of the claims process, which will improve your chances of success.

Faster Processing

Disability lawyers are also very well-versed in the claims application process. This means they know how to expedite the submission of necessary forms and the collection of vital documents which could potentially lessen the amount of time it takes you to start receiving your benefits.

Advise on Complicated Cases

In some cases, disability claims involve singular circumstances or complicated medical conditions. A skilled disability lawyer will have prior experience handling a wide variety of cases, which means they are capable of dealing with even the most challenging of scenarios. 

Retroactive Benefits

Finally, a reputable disability attorney can help you obtain retroactive benefits, which are often significant. Retroactive benefits are payments that cover the gap between the onset of your disability and the approval of your claim. For most people, they offer indispensable monetary relief.

The importance of an experienced disability attorney throughout the claims process simply cannot be overstated. Their knowledge of long-term disability claims and ERISA is priceless. By offering advice on obtaining necessary documentation, compiling the strongest medical record possible, overcoming denials and other obstacles, and maximizing your benefits, a disability attorney from Edelstein Martin & Nelson can play a major role in ensuring the success of your disability claim.

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