The Role of Level 2 Background Checks in Ensuring Safety and Security

At one point or another, you may find yourself in a position where you need to make an informed decision regarding hiring or admitting a particular individual to a position or role that is sensitive.

Here, you must do all it takes to ascertain that the person is trustworthy. Level 2 background screening comes in handy in ensuring security and safety in different settings. This kind of screening is more complex than that of level 1 and is usually crucial for situations or positions that require a high level of responsibility, trust, or potential risk. 

The regulations and requirements involved in level 2 background checks may differ with regard to jurisdiction and organization. However, they have common components they focus on. In this article, we discuss those elements as we analyze the role of level 2 background checks in ensuring safety and security. 


Fingerprinting is effective in ensuring safety as it enables you to verify the identity of the individual you intend to be involved in serious commitments. It offers accuracy in identification. Most of the level 2 background checks allow access to the national fingerprint databases.

Fingerprinting is highly accurate in identifying individuals because each person has unique fingerprints. It is effective in the identification of people with similar names and other information needed for identification.

Criminal History Check

With level 2 background checks, it is easy for you to thoroughly examine the criminal history of an individual before involving them in serious responsibilities. Criminal history checks focus on both federal and state criminal databases to gather any incriminating evidence.

It can tell if the person in question has had any prior convictions, outstanding warrants, or pending charges. It is about checking whether those issues are relevant to the security and safety of a certain position or environment. 

Education Verification 

It is important to confirm the educational background of an applicant when it comes to background checks. When hiring, you need this check for positions that need individuals with a degree or other certifications and qualifications. With this level 2 background check, you can be certain that you are hiking qualified individuals for specific roles and you have confirmed that they have the necessary credentials. 

Reference Checks

You need to work with individuals of good character and values. That is why you need to conduct the level 2 background checks. Here, you are required to conduct a reference check. You can contact both professional and personal references as they are better placed to offer you additional insights into the character of the individual you are about to hire, their work ethic, or reputation. With that information, you will know if these people are the right candidates for the positions you have to offer. 

Employment History Verification

Employment history verifications are important for employers and organizations. Through these checks, they can verify the employment history of an applicant to ascertain the accuracy of the information they have provided before. It helps employers to identify discrepancies, offering insights into the work experiences of individuals. It is a great avenue that enables employers to identify any red flags so that they can make the right decisions.

Credit History Check

You may also want to figure out the credit history of the individual you intend to hire. In most cases, this level 2 credit background check may be important for positions that involve handling finances in your organization. It may also be relevant for positions in the banking sector or the financial industry at large. Checking their credit history enables you to figure out their financial integrity and stability.

Professional License Verification

Some of the professional positions require individuals to have certifications and licenses. If you want to confirm that the applicants hold the required certifications or licenses, then you should consider applying the level 2 background checks. These credentials act as proof that the person in question has undergone the necessary training and that they are well equipped to handle the positions they are interested in. 

Sex Offender Registry Check

A Sex offender registry check is very crucial, especially in involvements that require the handling of a vulnerable population. For example, it may be about handling the disabled, elderly people, or children.

You should conduct a level 2 background check to confirm whether the applicant may have had some history related to sexual offenses in the past. Individuals who may have had such issues may not be the best choice when it comes to handling the vulnerable. 

Drug Testing

When it comes to level 2 background checks, drug tests are important. This mostly applies to safety-sensitive industries. For example, healthcare and transport. You need a drug-free workplace so that responsibilities can be handled appropriately, without people working when they are intoxicated. You don’t want a situation where some employees are threatening the safety of others in your organization. 

It is important to note that organizations function differently, especially concerning their laws and policies. Therefore, as an employer, you should be keen when considering the extent to which you will conduct the background checks. You need to put the unique needs and responsibilities in your organization.

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