The Safe & Harmful Ingredients in Vape Juices

Vaping thumbnail for image409838082982When you step into the online world of vaping, you will see, “which is better between vape and a traditional cigarette?” questions more than often. It is not hidden that vaping is somewhat or a lot better than regular smoking. It still raises concerns over the e-liquid you use in your device. It is not wrong to assume that you are smoking a particular product with further substances in it. We will breakdown the compounds of vape juices and inform you regarding the safe and harmful ingredients in them.

The Ingredients In E-Juice

Your flavorsome vape juices contain various substances in them. It includes Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerin (VG), nicotine or essential oils, and artificial flavorings. It is the combination of base and flavors which produce a tasteful and satisfying smoking experience with an e-cigarette.

Propylene Glycol (PG)

It is one of the safest ingredients in vape juice. It is a non-toxic compound and acts as a carrier for flavor in different edible items. It is also used to give color to the food and is added to various drugs. You can smoke it separately, but blending it with VG will provide you with a fantastic experience.

Vegetable Glycerin (VG)

Similarly, VG is also a non-toxic vegetable-based liquid that has a very sugary and dense appearance. Concerning its thickness, it cannot be smoked separately that effectively like PG. That is why a culmination of PG and VG is suggested everywhere.


Both of these compounds are okay to consume as they are also added to common food products. Please ensure that you are not allergic to PG or any other substance before consuming it. You can feel a tingling sensation in your throat or experience irritation in different parts of the body if you are allergic to it. In this case, you should move to a vape juice with 100% VG as its base. We would advise you to consult your medical expert before consuming any such product. Other than that, they are entirely safe and can be used in the vape.


Read the instructions off vape cartridge boxes to know about PG and VG’s quantity in your e-liquid. Impressionville’s vape cartridge boxes support all types of printings and can be printed with all the essentials of your e-liquid for a healthy experience.

Ingredients You Should Be Wary Of

It has been proved that the base ingredients in your e-oil are safe to consume. Let’s look at the harmful substances it contains. The chemicals in your vape juices can do potential harm to your body. There are a few substances that you need to be aware of. It is fortunate to know that you can easily find such e-juices that do not consist of these harmful compounds we will talk about.


Read these compounds carefully and check your boxes to make sure your vape juice does not contain them.

Diketones or Dicarbonyl

This is used as an additive to give your mouth a creamy or buttery taste. It is found in some of the food items too. It is pertinent to mention here that verifying the amount of diketones in edible items is mandatory under the law. But, it is not compulsory for inhaling products to check their presence and effect. This is the reason many smokers fail to find details regarding diketone-free vape juices.


Furthermore, it is important to inform you that diketone is not a single chemical compound but a group of chemicals. You can find diacetyl, acetyl propionyl and acetoin, etc., in this group. 


Let’s focus on diacetyl for now and see what it does to health.


It will not be an understatement to state that diacetyl is the most harmful compound. To be accurate about it scientifically, it is still questionable whether it is the most injurious among the three aforementioned compounds. People were reported to contract bronchiolitis due to the consumption of high amounts of diacetyl. This is why it is always measured in food products.


Vapers do not inhale much of this compound, but there is still a number that is being consumed on a daily basis. You should be aware of its severe health implications.


We have come at the start again with the bulging question about the lesser of the two evils. In terms of ingredients, the vape is a much safer option, and you can control the amount of nicotine and other elements in it.


You should always remember what compounds are safe and unhealthy for you. It is strongly advised to buy vape juice, which is free from diketone and such harmful substances. We would be happy to apprise you that many smokers prepare their own vape juice at home, and you can do the same easily. It is a more healthy and satisfying choice for regular smokers.

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