The Science Behind The Benefits Of Raw Food For Dogs

Science says that dogs are not just intelligent creatures, but humble, caring, and emotionally intuitive as well. However, they need to be kept physically strong and healthy to maintain this intelligence and alertness. In this regard, their diet, especially the raw food for dogs plays an important role in maintaining their overall health.

Research has shown that if pregnant dogs are fed with raw food, they are highly likely to not just give birth to healthy pups, but also those pups have lower chances of acquiring allergies when they grow up. This shows that their immunity and gut systems remain strong as compared to the pups who are normally fed with processed kibble. A lot of studies have shown that kibble is responsible for weaker immune systems in dogs. It also does not provide their bodies with the needed nutrition which can be gained through a raw food diet. however, kibble is much easier to buy and consume, thus people prefer it more. Of course, convenience must be balanced with a high protein raw food diet.

The raw food for dogs is also highly suggested by dog nutritionists. They believe that raw food has a high content of protein, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals as compared to artificially grown food or processed kibble. This is because raw food comes in many forms like muscle meat, chicken, fish, organ meat like kidney or liver, bones, raw eggs, iron-rich vegetables such as broccoli, celery, and spinach, some dairy, and some fruits like apples, etc. Being fed with such a balanced and wholesome diet, your dog will rarely get sick unless some external situations hinder their growth pattern.

According to some findings, almost 28% of dogs have canine atopic dermatitis (CAD), which is genetically inherited. This makes them prone to excessive seasonal itching, scratching, hot spots, flaky skin, hair loss, and a desire to chew on their paws all the time. These conditions can be nuisances in a dog’s everyday routine. However, researchers have shown that healthy and fresh raw dog food can control such issues to a large extent.

The hypersensitivity to environmental substances and changes can be very dangerous if not controlled on time. Dogs are sensitive animals and they require a clean and healthy breathing space to fully nurture and grow into happy pets.

Research has also shown that raw food for dogs keeps the animal safe from cancerous development in cells, mobility issues, skin, and most prominently, gut problems. If the gut and digestive tract of your dog get ill, it can deteriorate the dog’s health faster than any other disease as it will not be able to eat or digest any nutrient.

Similarly, raw food is healthier as it contains much more bioactive factors than processed food. It is because processed food destroys the nutrients once heated. These bioactive factors are highly beneficial in reducing inflammation, and DNA damage of any sort.

How to switch your dog to raw food

As many dogs are fed with kibble since birth, they become quite habitual of it. This might make them react a bit initially if switched to raw food. However, make sure you do it consciously and gradually so that their gut may become familiar with the new diet.

As raw food is nutritious but also “heavier” for digestion, your dog might require more time to get used to it. Sometimes, they can even react negatively and refuse to eat at all. These reactions are a result of unfamiliarity with a heavier food item which they can overcome if fed with smaller proportions. Thus, make sure to mix kibble with smaller portions of raw food in your dog’s diet before switching to a 100% raw food diet.

As dogs are canine animals, they should not be deprived of the nutrition that is required for strong muscular growth. They must be given ample amount of proteins and other essential nutrients for healthy and strong living. Their bodies determine their overall health which ultimately reflects their energy and happiness levels.

In this sense, raw food for dogs is one of the best options for a healthy growth pattern. It can be given regularly in small portions or on weekly basis. In any way, your dog must not be deprived of the essential vitamins and minerals that come from these raw food items.

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