The Secrets to Profitable Tennis Betting News


In the last decade, it’s like a double-edged sword to bet on tennis, especially on men’s tennis. The “Big Three” of Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal has been dominating this sport with 18 titles out of the past 21 majors. However, the money lines on tennis matches are very steep. It needs large bets by punters to make a good amount.

On the other hand, women’s tennis is more open with Serena Williams’ dominance in the scene. But all these situations pose one question – can punters make money by betting on tennis? The simple answer is, yes! But the punters need to know about the players’ performances to put their money on the right player.

In this article, we discuss various profitable secrets to consider before jumping into tennis betting online.

The Markets

According to the latest tennis news, punters can choose from several tennis betting markets. Set and match handicaps, head-to-head bets, correct set score, number of sets, amount of aces or outright tournament winner are quite frequent.

Punters can also put money easily on the players that are dominating male and female tennis. This way, they have more chances of earning a good amount on bets.

Backing favourites in the initial rounds on a tennis tournament doesn’t make much sense, provided you’re most likely to get 1.01 similar or odds. On 1.01 odds, you require a player to win the given match over 99% of the time. However, it is possible in the rare case in the main tournament.

So, it is all about looking for the right bet at the best price.

Know the Players

Tennis is full of players with contrasting abilities, styles and on-court personalities. So, goes without saying that punters need to know the weaknesses and strengths of different players that are central to tennis betting.

Certain players can match up perfectly against specific opponents, even when they are ranked lower. Others are unreliable for wagering due to their less mettle, no matter how much talent they possess.

Some tour professionals also can perform well against left-handed players and vice-versa. So, all these factors need to be weighed upon when putting a tennis wager. The more you analyse and scrutinise the tennis game results, the clearer you are of the form lines. Hence, more betting opportunities will appear in front of you.

By following tennis tournaments closely during the season, you get a good understanding of the performance and schedule of players. It can be hectic to understand, but beneficial during the bets. If you choose a favourite who travelled extensively and has a waning performance, it’s best not to choose that player.

Research Methods

There are different WTA and ATP websites full of information on different tennis matches. So, you need to go through these websites before betting on a tennis match. From recent player performances to head-to-head records, all these sites are important for reading about tennis players.

It is even essential to research the performance of different players on different terms. Many players will play smoothly against opponents on the clay and then may perform badly on glass and vice-versa.

The WTA and ATP websites have all detailed information on player performances on hard court, grass and clay. So, you need to read the information about their overall record, as well as winning percentage.

Also, research well the past editions of the tennis tournaments to help you make a better tennis betting strategy. Some players can sit well on the top tier of rankings during specific events; they can even perform well on particular venues even if their rankings and preceding forms say otherwise.

Serving up Winners

Knowing about the big servers can help you make best bets and capitalise on them. In the men’s draw, many power hitters may keep points short and won’t let opponents get a racquet for serving.

On the ATP site, you will get a breakdown of the biggest tennis servers in the men’s game. It will help you understand specific patterns in the game of certain players. You will also realise while researching serving statistics that some big servers may face difficulty when trying to break their opponents.

Tall players often dominate the whole serving but struggle to make inroads if tables are turned. During such situations, they are less capable and slower with their groundstrokes.

If two big servers are playing in a match, there are chances that the match will last longer. This paves the way for more bets on the total amount of the game during a match, provided the price offers value.

Starting Strong

Another important thing to consider during tennis tournaments is how best tennis players preserve their energy at the beginning of an event. The top players have the capability of breezing by early-round against opponents. It is undoubtedly related to the higher ranking divide. But it is also equal to their zeal to stay fresh at the crunch stages.

Handicap betting is also worth considering during tennis matches like this. With proper comprehensive study, you can identify when the underdog or a whitewash has a good chance.

Tournament Betting

The outright winner market in the tennis tournament has many long-odd shots that punts need to consider.

Keeping in mind the grapple hold of Serena Williams and Novak Djokovic, it is worth considering the less popular matches for outright betting for value. Ranking can also determine favouritism for tennis events. But it must not be taken at the face value.

By considering different things, such as schedules, recent form, tournament schedule, injuries, potential opponents and underdogs’ progress can help you pick the winner for betting. As already mentioned, some tennis players have a better capability of performing well in some corners of the world, as well as on certain surfaces. These conditions must also be kept in mind.

Knowing everything about the players and the match conditions can help you pick the right results, provided you get big odds to offer value.


If you are considering betting on your favourite sport, tennis, you need to consider the mentioned secrets by betting experts to improve your chances of winning. Even if you don’t hit a jackpot, you can surely win many short bets during the tournament.

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