The Strategies used by Online Slot Providers to Acquire New Players

The online gambling industry has gone from strength to strength over the past decade, far eclipsing other forms of gambling like betting shops and casinos. In 2020 the remote sector declared a gross gambling yield (GGY) of £3.1 billion, accounting for 53% of the market share of the overall GGY of £5.9 billion.

The largest sub-section of online gambling is online slots which makes up about 70% of revenue for online providers. Slot games are extremely popular amongst millennials because they are fun, easy to play, and provide quick rewards. This is why slots are often the subject of welcome bonuses, like free spins on registration no deposit.

Online Slot Providers

Online slots are so popular that the industry is now split between specialist slot providers and generalist online casinos. Unlike other casino games like poker and blackjack, there are almost infinite variations of slots that can be created, which makes it worthwhile for slots-only sites to operate.

But this has also led to an over-saturated marketplace, making it difficult for different websites to stand out from the crowd. It can be confusing for new players to decide which sites to join, especially as most slots are available to play on a range of different sites. So, what can online slot providers do to attract new players?

Original Designs

To catch the eye of a new player, websites need to be distinctive, which is why many providers choose to style their site in a unique theme. Retro designs, tropical colours, glamourous stylings – these are just some of the themes online slot providers have gone for. Individual players will be drawn to websites in different looks and colours just as they are drawn to individual slot designs.

The design of the slots site needs to be attractive and engaging to the player. 

Variety of Slots

There are several well-known software developers who produce top-quality slots, for example, NetEnt and Microgaming. When players see their names attached to a game, they can be sure that it is going to be fun to play. Because these companies are independent, multiple online slot providers can lease games from them. This means if players are looking for one of the top ten most popular slots, they have a choice of places to play them. If you don’t have it, they will go elsewhere, so online providers are constantly updating their selection to ensure they have the best available slots.

Different slot players look for different types of games. Online providers need to ensure that they cater for everyone’s needs by having games with different features. Having slots with bonus rounds, jackpots, high/low volatility, and different RTP rates should keep everybody happy.

Exclusive Slots

It can be an exciting time when new slots are released, and dedicated players will often seek out these novel games. Therefore, negotiating a period of exclusivity with the developers could attract a lot of new players to their site. It might cost a bit more at the outset, but pay off handsomely in revenue from that slot, and any others played. Because once new players have joined up, there are other reasons for them to stay.

Bonuses and Loyalty Schemes

A less expensive way to entice new players is to offer them welcome bonuses. These often take the form of free spins on a particular slot, where the player is then free to keep any winnings received as a result. Other options include matched deposit bonuses where the website doubles the player’s first deposit, up to a certain amount, or no-deposit bonuses, where players are given an amount to wager for free upon completing registration. Welcome bonuses are a great way to get people through the door and show them everything the website has to offer.

Loyalty schemes are a way of stopping existing players from being lured away. These often consist of ways to earn points, which can then be traded for free spins, cash back, or even merchandise.

Many slots sites offer bonuses and promotions to both new players and loyal players.


New slot players are often drawn in by large jackpots, even though the chances of winning them are small. Having slots which advertise daily or progressive jackpots, and ways to win big is a good way of attracting new players to your site.

Choosing a Good Site

Players today are savvy about internet scams and will be looking for a safe a legally regulated site. Slots sites which are licensed and registered with the UKGC are going to be more attractive than those which don’t offer the same guarantees.

Secure payment options are also important to players, and sites which offer a range of these are likely to be more appealing. The number of players using online wallets and cryptocurrencies instead of debit and credit cards is rising, and they are looking for sites that specifically cater to their needs.


Online slot providers need to use a three-pronged approach to attract new customers. This consists of offering appealing welcome bonuses, providing a good range of slots, and ensuring that they adhere to legal requirements to offer fair play and guarantee the safety of their customers and their money. Anything on top of this, like a fun theme or loyalty scheme, is window dressing which will appeal to some people’s preferences, but not everyone.

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