The Top 3 Tips To Remember When You’re Promoting A Non-Profit

Promoting a non-profit organization is a little different than promoting a traditional business.         With a non-profit, you’re selling a mission or a goal instead of a product, so it can be tricky. If you need some help promoting your non-profit, here are the top three tips to remember.

  1. Find Clever Ways To Advertise And Market

Advertising and marketing are the keys to the success of any project or business. Nonprofits are no exception. You’ll need to create advertisements and marketing strategies that stand out and draw attention, here are some suggestions.

  • Write a catchy headline or tagline that sums up what your non-profit is about.
  • Make an interactive website to encourage people to browse.
  • Put your name or logo on items that people will actually use. Hand sanitizers, personalized custom tote bags, socks, and air fresheners are all good suggestions.
  • Don’t annoy people with ads. Making someone listen to or watch your ad while they’re trying to do something else can actually have a negative effect on your image.
  • Ask your supporters to make ads or content for you.
  • Create a simple symbol or logo that shows what the non-profit is about.
  • Do a mystery marketing campaign. This is where you create ads that grab people’s attention but don’t tell them what you’re promoting right away.

People see ads and marketing campaigns every day. Find a way to make yours different so it stands out.

  1. Use Social Media The Right Way

How you use social media says a lot about you, the same is true for a non-profit.

Here are some ways you can use social media to effectively promote and fundraise for your non-profit.

  • Use the 80/20 rule. Only 20% of your content should be directly asking for money or support. The other 80% should be sharing relevant content that promotes your message.
  • Share the story of what your non-profit does and how it’s helping others.
  • When possible, share posts from people, groups, or causes your organization has helped. Letting someone else praise you is always better than doing it yourself.
  • Stay away from hot-button issues that don’t directly relate to what you’re doing. You don’t want to push away members of your audience.
  • Recruit influencers to talk about and publicly support your non-profit. Look for people who already post about issues your organization deals with.
  • Use any built-in fundraising tools that exist on the platform.
  • Create engaging, original, and educational content.

Remember, the posts you make that don’t directly promote who you are is what keeps people coming back.

  1. Tell People Your Goals And What You’re Doing To Achieve Them

Sharing your message is important, but sometimes it’s easier for someone to understand and relate to a specific goal  you have. Tell them what your non-profit is trying to do and how you’re doing it.

  • Share what you’re doing with the money you raise from your supporters. Let them see exactly where it’s going.
  • Outline the steps your non-profit is taking to solve a problem.
  • Post a list of specific goals you want to achieve during the year.
  • Explain how gaining just one new supporter is helpful to you.
  • Share milestones with your supporters, let them know when you’re close to achieving a goal, and celebrate when it’s done.
  • Thank everyone who has helped your organization achieve its goals, and share examples of how their support has helped.

When people see examples of how their individual support can help you, they’re more likely to contribute.

Remember these top three tips when you’re making your plan to promote your non-profit organization. They’ll help you reach more people and more goals.

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