The Top 4 Benefits Of Having A Christmas Tree In The Office

With Christmas slowly but surely approaching and many being reintroduced back into the physical office space, how can we brighten up the atmosphere? Well, Christmas may be a few months away, but querying about your Christmas tree hire from now will make sure you don’t miss out! Brightening up the environment and bringing some cheer after these challenging times by decorating a  giant commercial christmas tree is a great idea for offices opening up. In this article, we are going to explore just some of the benefits that hiring a Christmas tree can have on your office.

  1. Boosts Team Morale

According to studies, putting up Christmas trees and decorations has been proven to improve our moods. The working environment can be stressful at times, yet having a Christmas tree in the workplace can evoke feelings of comfort, family, and childhood, which will often cause us to relax and feel a sense of happiness. This comes in the form of nostalgia – ‘a sentimental longing or wistful affection for a period in the past.’

  1. Brightens Up The Office Space

Hiring a Christmas tree for the office will be sure to brighten up the atmosphere. With the use of colourful decorations, people will have feelings of joy when coming into work. If you are to hire a real Christmas tree such as a pot grown Christmas tree, it will also have many health benefits for your team. Some include purifying the air, reducing stress levels, and even enhancing cognitive skills. Whilst there may be reasons a real tree cannot be hired, artificial ones are a great way around it! These will be much easier to maintain and move around in limited spaces.

  1. Creates Team Building Activities

Why not order a Christmas tree and plan a team-building activity surrounding it? There can be many fun ways to get the team working together, such as decorating the office together to match your tree. Getting the team together to do an activity outside of work as an informal activity is key to creating a successful business. This encourages communication, connections, and collaboration to take place. From activities such as these, relationships can be formed that will create an engaged and productive working culture.

  1. Creates a Cost-Effective Option

Many people avoid purchasing a Christmas tree for an office as they want to avoid the hassle and money. However, hiring a tree creates flexibility, and will in fact save you money. Using a rental service means that the tree can be both transported and put up for you, and collected at a date that suits you. This is convenient for busy companies that may not have the time themselves, and can be installed and decorated for them to match the office interior scheme.

Get Your Office In The Festive Spirit

Why not hire a Christmas tree and start feeling the festive cheer? Many offices are often bland and colourless throughout the year, and using this period as a chance to brighten up the space will create excitement amongst the team. Whilst having a formal office is the usual amongst many businesses, this time is the chance for you to present your fun side. It shows that you are thinking of others’ well-being, and want to provide them with a space that will bring joy whilst working. Showing this less formal side of the business will help to build relationships with employees, letting the team see who you are beyond the workplace.

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