The Top Business Intelligence Platforms Looking To Disrupt their Industries

As the amount of data businesses need to analyze grows, it becomes harder for them to tackle this without backup. Fortunately, there are plenty of business intelligence platforms helping revolutionize their industries and make this process much easier.

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WhizAI in Life Sciences

WhizAI is geared towards the life sciences and is helping these technicians wrangle their data and turn it into something useful. It provides users with a simple way to understand their data and visualize the results. This provides insights that businesses can use to make informed decisions.

Board in Food and Beverage

Board offers the food and beverage industry predictive analysis and performance management technology. The feedback it provides can improve finance, HR, marketing, supply chain, sales, and IT departments. While it offers something for every aspect of these businesses, it primarily targets the finance department. Additionally, it comes in a variety of languages so international companies can use it. However, it is billed with a per-user license fee.

Domo in Tech

Domo is a platform that runs off the cloud and focuses on ease of use by producing easily interpreted graphics. Tailored for the tech industry, it can be used by individuals in many roles. In fact, many C-level executives enjoy it because it manages their data and provides recommendations for how they can improve business functions.

Dundas BI in Insurance

While Dundas has traditionally been the standard-setter for scorecards and dashboards, its platform, Dundas BI, has taken the insurance industry by storm. This system is perfect for companies because it adapts to each user’s skill level. It can offer each user as much detail as they need about data analysis results when it adapts. It does all of this while promoting energy-efficient technology. Plus, it has been specifically tailored for the insurance industry, making it very appealing to these companies.

Microsoft Power BI in Travel

Microsoft Power BI is a platform available for Windows devices that can analyze data from the cloud and local sources, transfer it into graphics, and create crucial reports. The key features that make it attractive are data preparation, analytics, graphics, and interactive dashboards. While large businesses pay a monthly fee to use this service, smaller travel agencies can use the free version and get one access point to everything they need. This has given the travel industry insights that are crucial for growing and staying as current as possible.

MicroStrategy in Finance

MicroStrategy offers cloud, on-site, and hybrid versions of its platform to meet any financial institution’s needs. It grew to popularity because of its easy-to-use dashboard, which is fully customizable and lets users show the graphics they want to see. The graphics are enhanced with real-time and location data. Plus, it allows users to transfer any data they have gathered using another platform, so no information is lost. The final selling point for most financial businesses is that it is affordably priced, and you get a one-month trial before you need to commit.

Oracle Analytics Cloud in City Management

Oracle Analytics Cloud is the best option for city management facilities and local governments. One of its most important features is the self-service workforce analytics, which provides HR staff and executives with an idea of how employees are performing. Not only is this cloud-based service able to provide these crucial insights, but it is also very user-friendly. Aside from monitoring performance, it also offers data preparation, visualizations, data connectors, predictive analysis, support, and a mobile app.

SAS in Education

SAS is another cloud-based service that targets education institutions. Many institutions love it because it can highlight important relationships in data sets through both graphics and written reports that offer helpful recommendations. Additionally, it can gather data from various social media sources and other written texts, incorporating these into these graphics and predictions. One last feature that many places find attractive is that it can also be installed as an on-site service.

TIBCO in Automobile Manufacturing

TIBCO is a self-service data analysis platform that handles data preparation and workforce management through an interactive dashboard. The complex data models it generates have been a major hit in the automobile manufacturing industry.

Businesses have been turning to artificial intelligence platforms to interpret all the data they gather. As a result, these are the top platforms in their respective industries, disrupting traditional processes and setting the bar for new programs.

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