The Top Dos and Don’ts of SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is an abbreviation for short message service marketing. It’s a form of digital marketing that relies on business text messaging to reach its target market. You can send information to possible customers about special offers, updates, e-commerce promotions, and other information to customers’ cell phones.

The top benefit of SMS marketing is reaching one’s target customers compared to other types of marketing like email marketing. People are most likely to check the text messages they receive in real-time.

SMS marketing is an established way of marketing that can certainly reach the people you want. When using this tool as a mode of marketing, you would have to keep a couple of dos and don’ts in mind.

Here’s What You Should Do

An sms integration for your business’ marketing entails that you have to follow a set of rules. It’s to ensure that you maximize the services you opted for and that your customers would get interested in your company and the rewards you currently offer.

Start With an Attention Grabber

It would help if you used each character of the 160 intelligently. You must find and construct messages that can effectively engage your customers and grab their attention. You can capitalize a couple of attention grabber words like “news,” “special offer,” “50% off”, or “sale.”

Identify Yourself

You have to ensure that a customer trusts that you are sending the message. Otherwise, they might think it’s a spam message pretending to be your company. Take necessary measures to identify yourself and assure your customers that it’s genuinely your company.

Identifying yourself is also a must so that a customer can determine which company is sending them messages and how they can avail of your sales. Avoid making them guess, and be proud and loud of your company and what you offer.

Timing Is Everything!

Text messages are very personal. It will go directly to a customer’s private text messages. So, when composing a text message, you should ensure that you consider what you send and when you will send it. Think about when it’s appropriate to send a marketing text message. You can do this by walking in your customer’s shoes. Would they prefer to see the message in the day or the afternoon?

You can send the messages to your customers before 8 pm. Ensure that you don’t send it after working hours as it would seem like you don’t care about wasting your customers’ time.

Avoid Doing the Following

As a business owner, you should correctly ensure that you’re using the SMS marketing services to their fullest capabilities. This section covers the things you should avoid doing if you want to capture the interest of your target customers.

Don’t Spam Your Customers

If your target customers aren’t responding to your text messages, avoid spamming them with more news. As mentioned above, timing is crucial. However, the frequency of text messages is also equally important.

Avoid sending multiple messages in a row just because you want to send something. If you don’t have anything useful to say and offer to your target clients, staying silent and waiting for their responses would be best.

SMS marketing must deliver benefit and value in real-time, especially to people who opt to subscribe to your company’s text message updates and marketing. You may annoy people by sending multiple messages and start losing subscribers. A good rule is to remember that less is more.

Avoid Abbreviations and Slang

In business communication, using abbreviations and slang is completely risky. Even though your character is limited, you should genuinely avoid these ways of texting. Remember that not everyone understands texting slang and abbreviations. It may seem wise to rationally take advantage of the limited characters you have. However, you’re risking confusing your target customers.

You can disable them so that your target customers can understand what you’re saying correctly. If a client doesn’t have any idea what you’re talking about, there’s a high chance that they’re just going to ignore it and decide to unsubscribe.

You want to ensure that you capture your client’s attention. Hence, professionalism in SMS marketing is a must, and it has to stay within a certain level. Additionally, unprofessional language could harm your company’s brand.

Don’t Group People When Sending Messages

There are multiple problems that group messages create, ensuring that you don’t mistake grouping your customers in one text message chain. Instead of this, use mass text to communicate with them.

Mass text entails that you’re sending a message to clients individually. It gives them the capacity to reply without minding other people. Also, many avoid group text messages due to the surge of notifications it creates when people in the group text reply.

Final Thoughts

Business owners can use SMS marketing software to increase marketing efforts and reach their target audience. Through using mass text messaging, your business can be recognized by numerous potential customers with real-time information about your business, promotions, updates, etc., in a very timely manner. Ensure that you follow the things mentioned above to maximize the software.

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