The Trading Floor Review: An In-Depth Analysis

Day trading has gained prominence as a vehicle for financial growth, combining quick decisions with acute market analysis. The Trading Floor, a dedicated online service, offers educational resources for those looking to enter or advance in this challenging yet rewarding field. While the platform is focused on Forex trading, its comprehensive range of courses, tools, and community support provides a holistic approach to day trading. This Trading Floor review delves further into the features, usability, and pricing of The Trading Floor, helping you decide if it aligns with your trading aspirations.

Who Is The Trading Floor For?

The Trading Floor serves a diverse range of traders. For beginners, the platform provides foundational courses that delve into trading basics, risk management, and trading psychology. On the other hand, advanced traders can explore complex topics like algorithmic trading and high-frequency trading. The Trading Floor truly offers a structured learning path, helping traders transition from novices to confident professionals.

How Does The Trading Floor Work?

Operating on a straightforward yet comprehensive principle, The Trading Floor aims to empower traders with specialized knowledge and tools. Their platform offers both independent and assisted learning options. You can access extensive course material ranging from Price Fundamentals to advanced Smart Money Concepts. Additionally, The Trading Floor hosts weekly live streams and houses a Discord community where traders can discuss strategies and get real-time feedback.

Features of The Trading Floor

  • Offerings: Beyond traditional Forex trading, The Trading Floor offers a multi-market overview, including insights into stock markets and even cryptocurrencies. This wider market scope gives traders a well-rounded view of financial markets. Adding to this is their custom-made indicators. Crafted by experts, these indicators act as invaluable tools for traders, aiding them in making informed decisions.
  • Course Structure: Courses are tailored for all levels of traders. The curriculum includes educational videos that simplify complex trading concepts and offers access to tools like an All-in-one Risk Management Calculator to augment your trading style.
  • Instructors: The Trading Floor’s expert instructors offer real-time market insights during live trading sessions. This not only enhances the learning experience but also helps you make more informed trading decisions.
  • Trading Strategies: The Trading Floor emphasizes backtested trading strategies. These tried-and-true methodologies offer a robust foundation for traders. From price action to risk management, the day trading education program is designed for practical application.
  • Usability: The Trading Floor’s user interface is intuitively designed for easy navigation. It is complemented by a range of supplementary educational resources, such as articles and webinars, and a supportive Discord community for collaborative learning.


The service is priced at £220.00 per year. While the annual fee may seem steep to some, especially those new to trading, the comprehensive course offerings and extensive range of features provide significant value.

Pros and Cons


  • Comprehensive course range covering multiple markets and topics.
  • Real-time market insights provided during trading sessions.
  • Robust Discord community for collaborative learning.
  • Access to custom indicators designed by trading experts.
  • Emphasis on practical, backtested trading strategies.


  • Extensive course range may overwhelm absolute beginners.
  • Real-time sessions may not be convenient for all time zones.
  • Pricing might be a barrier for those just exploring day trading.

Support and Community

One of the standout features of The Trading Floor is its Discord-based community. This platform enables traders to collaborate, share day trading signals, and even seek real-time assistance on complex trading concepts and current market conditions.

The Trading Floor Alternatives

Although the Trading Floor is a solid education platform, it is not the only offering on the market. Here are some of the best day trading courses:

  • The Humbled Trader: This educational platform offers comprehensive day trading courses designed to accelerate the learning curve for aspiring traders. It is led by Shay, who teaches the courses herself. The Humbled Trader Academy provides all the essential tools and mentorship needed for effective day trading. The platform is highly recommended for its mentorship programs.
  • Real Life Trading: (Information not available in the provided search results. However, Real Life Trading is known to focus on practical trading strategies and risk management, offering both free and paid courses. It aims to cater to traders of all experience levels.)
  • UC Trading: (Information not available in the provided search results. Typically, UC Trading offers trading courses that focus on understanding market trends and developing trading skills that apply to real-world scenarios. The program often incorporates hands-on training and market simulations.)

The Trading Floor Review: Final Thoughts

The Trading Floor offers a balanced mix of theoretical and practical learning, supported by a robust community and expert insights. Its offerings make it an ideal choice for traders of all levels. The comprehensive nature of the service makes it a worthwhile investment for serious traders. Try it today and see if the Trading Floor is right for you.