The Two Types of Business Books You Should Read in 2022

Stack of Library Books

In 2022, a top priority for businesses is to support and encourage their employees and management through education. That is where books become an essential driver of business growth. With so many options on the market today, identifying top business books that are a sure bet in boosting productivity can be an arduous task.

Whether you’re looking at revamping your sales team or empowering the human resources department with the right people skills, you can glean precious nuggets from subject experts at a fraction of the cost of hiring those professionals to visit your company and deliver a talk.

Books do more than refresh the mind. They stretch it by introducing new ideas and conditioning us to embrace change, which has become a constant of the modern workplace. A mix of books that motivate, inform, challenge, or refresh is key to nurturing a reading culture amongst your people.

Start With Self-Help Books

Some of the best self-help books you will come across in 2022 are classics that have stood the test of time. For instance, Raj Raghunathan’s “If You’re Smart, Why Aren’t You Happy” is a masterpiece. It is based on research the author conducted among his former MBA classmates fifteen years from graduation. The book challenges assumptions about happiness and provides peculiar perspectives on living a happier life.

Self-help books are a good starting point if you’re looking to cultivate readership as they motivate people towards achieving goals in life.

Thereafter, you can explore books that drive performance and provide leadership coaching. A bunch of texts will fit the bill for books that help stimulate performance. Donald Miller’s book, “Here On A Mission” is an excellent read for anyone who wants to get a more profound sense of their existence and elevate their creativity.

There are plenty of books you can use to motivate employees, business owners, students, and anyone else who is keen on living a better life.

Find Books That Boost Performance

Improved readership amongst employees in your business in 2022 will likely drive the performance of your people. Books are vehicles that carry the expertise of men and women who dared to summarize their experiences and findings. A workforce that’s motivated, skilled, and exposed to new ways of doing things is bound to be more innovative at problem-solving. Finding books that can help your teams learn a new skill, or learn new ways of doing things is always a sure bet.

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