The Ultimate Furniture Guide: Contemporary Theme

Your home is always incomplete without good and trendy furniture. The proper furniture adds a different flavor to your house. If you are confused about this modern furniture theme, don’t worry; here, we will discuss everything about that. 

Now everyone is bored of that traditional furniture theme, and they also want something modern and stylish. Wood, glass, and metal are still very popular, but plastic and synthetic fabrics lost their charm. If you also want a modern and contemporary furniture theme that will catch your guests’ eyes, read on.

What is a contemporary theme of furniture?

Modern theme refers to furniture that was produced after the 19th century through the present, which is also called modernism, while contemporary is the theme of the moment that evolves. 

The modern theme includes minimalist designs, smooth surfaces, and warm and neutral colors with clean, straight lines. In short, the modern theme refers to a simple and clean look; still, it is very good-looking. 

Yes, modern and contemporary themes have a small but considerable difference. The main difference is the use of lines. The contemporary furniture contains large and sweeping curves, while the modern theme contains straight lines. There is a difference in colors too. Usually, a contemporary theme comes with bold colors. 

Major elements of contemporary furniture

This theme of furniture is very broad and also evolving. It has many variations which can create a big difference. But we respect your time. That is why we are describing here the main elements of the contemporary theme.

Use of metal

Yes, metals were used in traditional themes, yet these are also useful in this modern era but in a different style. For example, you can install functional accessories made of stainless steel, chrome, and copper. You can use one metal or a mixture of metals as handles for cabinets, table legs, and accent pieces. 

Use of straight lines

It looks very prominent and classy in furniture. These clean lines create a sharp, sleek aesthetic style and follow the rule of minimalism.


It plays a fundamental role in contemporary themes, especially for furniture. This modern furniture theme focuses on a clean and sleek look that is very simple and stylish. This concept increases openness and also avoids visible clutter. 

Bold accent colors

Usually, some modern themes allow featuring natural colours like black and white, while in contemporary themes, the focal point is bold colours. You can also try fun patterns, primary colours, and unique designs that make your room adorable. Some online furniture stores give you lots of options when choosing, for example, Oak furniturethey have a huge range of colour options when ordering their bespoke furniture so you are sure to find a colour to suit you.

Decorate a contemporary home

This furniture theme has some benefits like it is easy to clean and highly functional. In addition, you can include the following features to give your home a sleek look:

  • Start with beige and white dominant colors; it will enhance the beauty of your home. 
  • Go for smooth textures. Clean lines with boxy chairs and couches will give your home an inviting appeal. You can easily find the best furniture textures and accessories at Homemakers South Ltd.
  • Don’t make the room cluttered; keep it simple with a vibe of openness. It is the main theme of contemporary furniture.

Other characteristics of a contemporary theme

Contemporary furniture prefers simple and clean lines that give a feeling of openness. It does not contain unnecessary and unusual designs. This theme prioritizes chairs and couches of a square edge, glass materials, and metal and concrete on a neutral palette. Bold and pure pops of colors are a priority of contemporary themes.

The main characteristic of this theme is that it evolves according to time and trends. Therefore, you should stay updated about the developed future trends. Furthermore, this theme is generally influenced by clothing fashion, like their schemes, prints, and shapes.


Contemporary furniture usually contains a fluid definition that changes over time. It is the theme of the day when the modern movement began in the 1900s. One style that is popular today may not be tomorrow. A contemporary theme denies clutter and prefers a clean and sleek look without many accessories. 

This theme of furniture borrows its functionality from the modern theme. It is the concept of comfort without fussiness.

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