The Ultimate Guide for Choosing Rugged PDA for Healthcare Use

Wise information technology of med (WITMED) is a continuously evolving field within the medical industry, leveraging advanced technologies to enhance the efficiency, quality, and accessibility of medical services. In WITMED, mobile devices such as PDAs play a pivotal role. The article will explore the significance of rugged PDAs in advancing WITMED and assist you in selecting the most suitable rugged PDA to meet healthcare requirements.

The Rugged PDA in Healthcare

When admitted to the hospital room, the patients will be handed a wristband with a bar code and QR code recording all the information, including the check-in time, basic information, chief physician, and nurse. Then, more data will be recorded and updated, including infusions, drugs, tests, and checks the patient should take. All the information comes from and is sent to the patient data management system, which is processed through single scanning and tapping on the rugged PDA.   

Rugged PDAs with Android technology and data capture capabilities cater to the needs of medical professionals in challenging environments. They aid in the precise and efficient collection of patient data during frequent transitions between operating rooms and patient areas, leading to increased efficiency.

Rugged PDA Functions and Applications

  • Mobile Nursing

The rugged PDA’s mobile nursing capability allows healthcare workers to remotely access patient medical information and record patient status changes and nursing care, reducing the complexity and inaccuracies associated with paper records. Additionally, it facilitates real-time communication with other healthcare staff to coordinate care plans and share resources.

  • Outpatient Infusion

Traditional infusion data rectification requires manual checking, but there are errors often, considering the dazzling displays of drug names and types, not to mention the efficiency. However, a rugged PDA, integrated with medical software and WIFI, can identify and match the patient data with infusion, minimizing the error rate and avoiding medical emergencies.

  • Inventory of Fixed Assets

Medical staff can use rugged PDAs to record and update asset details in real-time, streamlining asset management and saving time and labor.

Choosing Reliable Handheld Rugged PDA: Factors to Consider

Clinics and hospitals need to consider various factors when selecting reliable handheld rugged PDAs. Here are some specific factors to consider:

  • Data Security

Data security is crucial in healthcare. When choosing a reliable, rugged PDA, ensure it has data encryption to protect sensitive information.

  • Stability

To cope with various complex and harsh conditions, a rugged PDA should have dustproof, waterproof, and shock-resistant features and a robust touchscreen to ensure the device can continue to operate reliably in such environments, maintaining its stability.

  • Network connectivity

To ensure healthcare workers can access and share medical data in real time, well-functioned handheld rugged PDAs must rely on Wi-Fi and cellular connection.

  • Easy Management and Comfort Grab

A reliable handheld rugged PDA should feature an ergonomic design, lightweight build, and ease of cleaning and sterilization to ensure comfortable use for medical personnel. At the same time, it should have an intuitive interface that is easy to manage, thus improving efficiency.

  • Compatibility

The rugged PDAs should be compatible with a wide range of information management systems and medical devices, thereby reducing costs, enhancing device sustainability, and enabling collaboration.

  • Anti-bacterial

Antimicrobial properties are crucial for reducing cross-contamination and maintaining hygiene in medical settings. Therefore, rugged PDA casings should be sealed, coated with antimicrobial layers, and easy to clean and disinfect.

  • Battery Life

A fully charged medical PDA can typically support several hours to an entire workday of use in a single day. Therefore, the device’s battery should have a long life and high capacity.

Rugged PDA Recommendation: Blovedream N60 

Founded in 2008, Blovedream specializes in industrial-grade PDA solutions, offering 1D/2D barcode scanning, fingerprint recognition, RFID identification, and more to fulfill industry-specific requirements. They are committed to improving enterprise efficiency and intelligence and are renowned for their N60 medical rugged PDA, known for traits such as:

  • Large Clear Screen & Sensitive Operation

The N60 medical rugged PDA has an ultra-high definition resolution that can help improve medical image visualization. It also has an ultra-sensitive touch screen, which benefits medical workers who always have gloves worn or hands washed.    

  • Multiple Data Collection Methods

The N60 medical rugged PDA has a 2D scanner that can read both 1D and 2D barcodes, adapting to different demands.

  • High-Performance Scanning Engine

The device quickly and accurately captures and recognizes the pattern, even if incomplete or smudged. This automatic recognition ensures data accuracy and minimizes manual intervention and error rates.

  • Enhancing Experience with 5G Communication

The N60 supports multiple carriers and includes WIFI, cellular data, and Bluetooth transmission with a 100% increase in transfer rate. So, healthcare professionals can access and share medical data quickly, reducing the time lag in data transfer.

  • Triple Protection for Ensured Operation

The device’s protection level reaches IP67, providing triple protection against water, dust, and impact. It can maintain stable operation even after a fall from a height of 1.2 meters. 


In summary, Blovedream‘s N60 medical-grade intelligent handheld terminal heralds the 5G era for PDAs, offering essential rugged PDAs with exceptional features for healthcare institutions and professionals to facilitate all-round management. It’s the top choice for businesses seeking a competitive edge in the WITMED sector. 

For more information about Blovedream and their intelligent PDA solutions for your industries, you can visit their website.

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