The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Smart Under Cabinet Lights

A lighting house witnesses one’s fatigue and excitement, creating a sense of ease and belonging for people. For some corners where light can not cover, cabinet light can be a great facilitator. Therefore, smart under-cabinet lights have emerged to be a necessary household lighting application. If you are a stranger to this application or simply want to know more about it, this passage may give you some hints.

Brief Introduction

As the name suggests, smart under cabinet light is a lighting application that is commonly applied to the kitchen cabinets, illuminating the place that is shadowed by shelves or others.

  • Types of the Smart Under Cabinet Light

Smart under cabinet lights can be divided into the following four types according to the shapes:

  • Bar light

As bar light becomes the most popular type of under cabinet light, it becomes more intelligent with convenient sensors and changeable lighting to apply. Generally, bar lights have a determined length from 6 to 48 inches, so customers will have to measure the cabinet carefully to avoid mismatches. But now, some LED light companies like LEDIA are working on producing more flexible smart under cabinet lights to dictate customers’ different demands and slack the troubles before purchase. 

  • Puck light

A puck light is a compact lighting that can be round, square, or even triangle. It illuminates a relatively small space but can provide a more concentrated and bright shining. Its tiny body makes it a popular and versatile smart under cabinet light that can be applied in most corners of the house.

  • Strip light

It is flexible and thus can be turned into various shapes. The pragmatic lighting decoration is welcomed by the youngsters who are influenced by some Youtubers whose backgrounds are colorful enough to attract attention but quite dim to create a relaxed surrounding. 

A Guide to Select the Proper Smart Under Cabinet Light

Here is a comprehensive instruction manual that offers you some hints:

  1. Where to place the light

Illuminating places like counters, at which the jobs are done, a bar light is expected because of the wide range it can cover. But for places like closets and shelve, you can choose the puck light for spicing up the atmosphere.

  1. How to tell the quality of the smart cabinet light 

Quality smart under cabinet lights enjoy a longer lifespan, requiring little maintenance. But considering the great number of cabinet lights on the market, it is never easy to distinguish good from the bad. The quality of a cabinet light can be told from the following aspects:

  • Temperature: turning on the cabinet lights of the same power for 10 minutes, the one with higher temperature boasts a lower efficiency, therefore the lower quality
  • Weight: a jerry-built cabinet light is lighter.
  • Housing: cabinet light with poor quality is combustible because of the non-flame-retardant housing.
  1. Power option

The power options can be divided into three types:

  • Direct-wire: no plugs or wire to contend with, creating a more sporting and professional look. It can replace the old under-cabinet light with the LED version.
  • Plug-in: needs to work with an outlet.
  • Battery-powered: need frequent battery replacement.

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